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Is Moissanite Good for an Engagement Ring?

Engagement rings are a special part of the engagement process. Once people know that you are planning to get engaged, they look forward to seeing the ring. 

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Moissanite is a unique stone. It is perfect when you want to have an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd. Such an engagement ring spells uniqueness, distinction, and elegance.

This stone was first found in 1893 in a meteor crater. The scientist who discovered it first thought that he had found some diamonds. This shows how similar in appearance the moissanite stones are to diamonds. It is very hard for someone to tell the two stones apart by the naked eye.

Is Moissanite Good for an Engagement Ring?

This makes moissanite an excellent and popular stone for engagement rings. It is also preferred by many couples who want an alternative to diamonds stone.

Getting natural moissanite is not a common thing. Hence most of the moissanite available are usually grown in the lab. This process takes about 2-3months before one stone is ready for use.

It comes about by mixing silicon and carbon. This mixture is then heated in a very high-temperature furnace. Once this process is complete, the boule gotten is usually broken down into many pieces. The stones then go through an annealing process. This process makes them more transparent and sparkly. 

Some of the characteristics that make a moissanite stone stand out and sought after are:


Moissanite stone is one of the rocks with a high index or BRI. Its brilliance index range from 2.65-2.69. This makes it display more brilliance than even a diamond or any other gemstone. 

The brilliance and fire of this stone usually don’t fade. That means that the wearer of the ring will turn heads everywhere they go from the sparkly gem.


This stone has a dispersion of 0.104; this is more than other gemstones has. Dispersion refers to the effect produced when light enters a non-opaque object. After that, the pure light is then broken into a spectral of colors and reflected the viewer. 

You might think that the fire in the stone will disappear in due time. That will not happen, the fire remains forever. That is a common assurance from most famous sellers of this precious rock.

Color and Its Clarity

A moissanite stone usually maintains its color and clarity forever. The color will only change due to exposure to high heat from a jeweler’s torch during any repairs. But, this shouldn’t frazzle you since there are techniques that can fix it. The color comes back thanks to these techniques. 


Moissanite stones are popular due to their hard nature. In case the ring falls, then you shouldn’t worry about it breaking. Its hardness ranges from 9.25-9.50. This makes it harder than most stones except the diamond. It is right to say it follows the diamond in hardness. 

Heat Resistant

You don't have to worry if your home catches fire. Moissanite is heat resistant by about 2000 degrees. The heat resistance makes it intact even after a massive fire has razed down everything at home.

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How Can You Identify a Moissanite Stone?

There are many colorless gemstones in the market. Need to differentiate between moissanite and others.

The ways to do that include:

  • By use of a jeweler’s loupe, this will examine the girdle width. Most of the moissanite stones from reputed stores are 4.0mm. Anytime they make larger stones than those, then they usually engrave them. 
  • You can check through magnification. That will determine if the doubling of facet junctions are visible. Ask a trained jeweler to check it through the use of a designed machine for that. 
  • Check for particular gravity and refractive indices. Look out for needle-like inclusions on the stone. The inclusions are usually seen in moissanite stones under 10x magnification.

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Can a Moissanite Stone Be Set in Another Piece of Jewelry?

Since getting a natural moissanite stone is quite rare, essential to know that you can make the most use of it. Reputed jewelers can use their expertise to let you enjoy the stones in other types of jewelry. 

This makes it an appropriate piece of stone to hand over to your generations to come. Since destroying the gem is almost impossible, then it can last a lifetime. For you to personalize it more, a moissanite stone allows you to have it engraved. Let the message represent what you and your family stand for.

Does a Moissanite Stone Need Special Care?

Like any valuable jewelry, you need to take care of your moissanite engagement ring. In case it gets dirty, you can use a cleaner with a non –acid-base store-bought cleaner. If not, then a mild soap combined with a soft brush and water will do the trick. Even when it doesn’t come into contact with dirt, regular cleaning is essential. 

It is important to note that there aren’t any significant restrictions that come with this stone. You can wear it day and night. You don’t have to keep removing the piece of jewelry every time you use cleaning agents and the likes. In case you want to swim, then the chlorinated water won’t cause any harm to your precious stone.

A moissanite stone has a high rarity and exceptional beauty that gets better with time. This stone is not only beautiful but an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Anytime your fiancée walks in a room while wearing it on her hand, it will be a real show stopper.

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