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What Is the Best Color for Moissanite Engagement Rings?

You are scouring the online markets for a fabulous and exquisite engagement ring. You have your eye on the moissanite because you could have heard how unique this stone is. A beautiful moissanite ring will make your bride gush with love for you. She will no doubt be eager to show off the lovely symbol of your love.

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This stone is an alternative to diamonds. The good thing is that it has qualities the same as diamonds. Like diamonds, moissanite engagement rings come in different hues.

What Is the Best Color for Moissanite Engagement Rings?

Moissanite gemstones range from brown tones and bright yellows to colorless or clear. The clearer the moissanite gemstone, the more premium they become. The color of the stones can change through various processes. This makes it easier to get any fancy color that a client wants.

Moissanite engagement rings can be of almost any hue that you want. If you wish to have a shade of green, brown, gold, grey, purple, among others, then you can find them on sale.

Due to the variety of colors, a person can have the best color to suit the wearer's personality and style. This doesn't have to be as a ring only, but the stone can be set on necklaces and other types of jewelry. Blue, pink, intense green, black, and even canary yellow moissanite gemstones are available. 

How Does Moissanite Achieve Its Color?

The process used in the creation of colored moissanite gemstones is chemical vapor deposition. A bonding agent generally coats the bottom half of the stone then a thin layer of color gets added. This is the color that reflects throughout the stone and makes it have the fancy color that one desires. So whichever hues the creators want to achieve, they apply it on the stone. For an engagement ring, the best color for a moissanite stone is colorless or clear.

Will the Color of a Moissanite Gemstone Change over Time?

The hue on the moissanite stone doesn't change. This gemstone has a durable characteristic like that of the diamond. But, the brilliance of the ring can reduce over time due to dirt. An oil build-up can also make the ring to lose its shine and look dull. 

The grades that moissanite engagement rings can in are as follows.

There are three grades of moissanite. The first grade and the clearest of the three is the D-E-F range. The second one, which is almost colorless, is G-H-I. The third one, which has different shades of hue, is under J-K range.

What Should You Do If Your Moissanite Engagement Ring Becomes Dirty?

In case the moissanite engagement ring accumulates dirt you can clean it. This turns its color back to what it was. Put some clean, warm water in a container. Use mild liquid dishwashing soap and then use a soft cotton swab to clean the ring. This method is very effective when one is cleaning from home. 

That home cleaning method can bring back the color & sparkle on the ring. But it is crucial to take the ring to a professional jewel expert, they will do an impressive cleaning job on it.

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Where Can One Get the Best Color Moissanite Rings?

The very best color moissanite gems are on sale on the best brand jewelry stores. That means they're the most popular so they're proven in color. Most of these stores have a reputation to maintain. They have been in the business of selling quality moissanite gemstones for years. So you can't go wrong with getting your engagement ring from a reputed seller. 

Don't be afraid to choose a fancy colorful moissanite ring for an engagement. If your sweetheart loves colors then they will love and cherish it more.

But, for a classic and timeless look, then clear or colorless moissanite is the norm. Not only will it look like a million bucks on your fiancée's finger, but it will stand the test of time as well.

So, go out there and keep an open mind for the various possibilities that will present themselves. You will love the array of moissanite colors available. Choose the one that will best represent your love. Most of all, choose the one that will make your fiancé’s heart sing for joy. On the day she says yes and wears that moissanite ring with the best color, all will seem right with the world.

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