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Can You Wear Moissanite Engagement Rings Everyday?

Buying a moissanite engagement ring is the best choice that you can make. It has so many extraordinary qualities to boast of that other gemstones don't have. Does it come with more responsibility?

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An engagement ring can have other stones surrounding it if one wishes to. But you can have it stand out alone in its magnificence. Can you actually wear your engagement ring everyday? Should it be diamond or Moissanite to be able to wear it every day? How long will it last for you? Where can you wear or where you shouldn't wear your engagement ring?


The short answer is that yes you can wear your engagement ring everyday no matter if it's morning or night, moissanite or diamond. Engagement rings are designed to be worn everyday for lifetime however there are some limits to where you can wear them. 




Everyone knows that such a piece of jewelry is supposed to be with you for the rest of your life and potentially become a sentimental piece for your children. But the main question is that how can you actually keep it in the same shape? 



This is a two-sided deal. The first side is on you. It's important to prevent anything that could potentially damage your engagement ring. And the second side is on your Jeweler. 


Can You Wear Moissanite Engagement Rings Everyday?

Remember the goal is to keep your engagement ring in the same shape at all times forever.

Can you have multiple engagement rings to wear daily?

The first way of protecting your engagement ring is to not wear it. If you are super sensitive about your engagement ring then consider a secondary ring.

I know that you're engaged and have to have an engagement ring at some places. For example if you are doing hard work during your day then you can wear a fake engagement ring. In case of getting damaged you wouldn't care that much if it’s a fake ring. What does that mean?





Many people get diamond rings as their main ring and alternatively get a moissanite ring to wear everyday. If they lose their Moissanite ring they know that replacing it would be easier and less costly. Or if your main ring is a Moissanite engagement ring you know that losing a cubic zirconia ring would be a lot less painful. I'm saying a lot less because losing in general does not feel good at all. 


Are alternative engagement rings worth it?

The pros of having an alternative engagement ring is that you can have multiple styles and designs of rings with different materials. This becomes handy when you wanna have different fashion and clothing styles. Another upside is that buying engagement rings becomes available to you. So you no longer have to only receive it from your beloved. You also don't have to wear the same ring over and over.



Modern Low Set Bezel Bead set 1 Carat Round Moissanite Engagement Ring



You can always buy new types of engagement rings even after your proposal. You could go with alternative rings with different colors like rose, white or yellow gold. You could also have different colors of stones on your engagement rings which could be very exciting.



Pave Wrap Hidden Halo Shared Prong 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring



The con would be that you have to think about what you're going to do in your day before wearing your jewelry. So sometimes you may forget to wear the right ring at the right time. Unless you’re disciplined and have a very good memory. If you're perfect at managing what you wear then alternative rings are nothing but a blessing.

How to Not lose your engagement ring while wearing it everyday?

The first solution is once again to not to wear your beautiful ring at the times when the risks of losing it are high. Keep it at home when you know it’s gonna be a crazy day.



The second solution would be to carry your Travelling Jewelry Bag with you in your purse or place it somewhere safe at your office. When something comes up, quickly take off your ring and place it in your Travelling bag. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we give these gorgeous leather Travelling bags away on every single order.


Travel Jewelry Bag


The third solution to preventing loss of your engagement ring would be to hang it around your neck. You can simply carry an engagement ring with yourself wherever you go as long as you have a chain around your neck.


How to not lose your ring


This way before starting to work or getting your hands dirty you can attach your ring to your necklace! If you wear chain pendant necklaces, then you can carry your ring with you almost everywhere.


Here's a few tips to keep in mind;

Any type of soft string type thing would help you to make a DIY necklace and let it keep your ring for you around your neck. Keeping your jewelry in your pocket or in your car is not recommended. Unless there's a hidden place in your car that you can hide your ring when there's no eyes around. Of course it demands your own responsibility.


how to not lose your ring


Where to wear and where Not to wear your engagement ring?

Having an engagement ring with a moissanite or diamond stone is a big deal, and you need to care for it well. Removing the engagement ring can result in losing it. The surrounding stones or setting can get damaged. Having it on all the time or off at times depends on what kind of activities you are partaking in. 


Green Light:(Enjoy wearing) You can wear your moissanite or diamond engagement ring everyday at parties, office work environments, seminars, social gatherings, bars, photo shoots, meetings and your date nights.


Where to wear your engagement ring or jewelry

Yellow Light:(Not wearing is smarter)

Clubs and dance floors are okay if you're super careful. You must know that you wouldn't get drunk or have crazy body movements. Not only you may damage your engagement rings at these events, the situation for the thieves are gonna be very nice when you're not fully alert.


Hiking and outdoors, cooking and sweating can carry their own risks.

I will never forget when I accidentally tore apart my bracelet when I was collecting some wood to make fire while we were camping several years ago. It still hurts since I paid a huge thumb of money for a very special bracelet that I truly loved. I know we're talking about engagement rings but know that jewelry is a super fragile item in the forest and nature no matter what type it is.


Red Light: (Wear at your own risk, but I don't recommend)

The worst places to wear your engagement ring are swimming pools, gyms and weight rooms and beaches. You should always take out your engagement ring before doing any type of laboring, gardening, showering, cleaning, making up, sleeping, cleaning(exposure to chemicals), carrying and moving.


Where not to wear your engagement ring or jewelry



Another place that I haven't listed in the infographic is when you travel. Be careful about where you sleep. For example if you sleep while traveling in a train or an airplane, you may get up and see your beautiful engagement ring is not in your finger anymore!🤷‍♀️ Someone can take it out of your finger while you're dreaming. This could also be the case for other types of jewelry such as bracelets and watches. 


Can you wear your engagement ring at the Gym or During Exercise?

Moissanite is a tough and brilliant stone. Depending on the size of the ring that one has, some exercises don't need you to remove it.

A moissanite stone is a precious piece of rock but also very durable. You can wear the engagement ring when cycling or running. Such sports don't need you to have contact with anyone and you don't touch hard surfaces; hence it will be safe for you and others.


Wearing engagement ring at the gym doing yoga


Gentle sports like Yoga and Tai Chi are okay. Wearing it during contact sports like weight lifting, wrestling, taekwondo, and other martial arts is a no. Such activities force you to touch another person, and the ring could hurt them. 

Can you wear your engagement ring while Working Out? 

I see some people wear rings while lifting weights. But you don't, right? Grabbing the handles of the weights can easily scratch or deform the shank of your engagement ring. I meant by "scratch" is the worst type of it.

Since you're hardly holding on to the grip while working out, a lot of friction occurs with high pressure between your ring and the handle of the weight. As a result of such friction your ring will look very old and used too quickly.


working out while wearing your engagement ring


The rings with thin bands or vintage filigree type shanks would easily get damaged. If your ring gets bent under pressure, it may get stuck in your finger... . If your ring has a micro gem setting, then some of the stones may fall out. In my opinion, avoid wearing rings when approaching the gym.


Can you wear your engagement ring when Swimming?

Sports like swimming are very safe to engage in when you have your moissanite or diamond engagement ring on. But, the chemicals found in the water may damage the moissanite ring's setting. Unfortunately many people lose their rings or jewelry in the pool. When they remember that they lost their ring somewhere, it might be too late. That's why we do not recommend you to wear your ring in the pool or when swimming. 


wearing engagement ring while swimming & pool


The chlorine and sodium chloride found in water can cause discoloration on the metal. This is because most of it usually remains on the ring and affects it in the long run. While swimming in cold water, your body temperature changes. It can cause your hands to shrink hence allow the ring to slip off without any hindrance. This can make you lose your beautiful engagement ring.

More activities that you can’t do with your moissanite engagement ring on include;


Can you wear your engagement ring when Gardening?

If you love gardening, then always remember to put on gloves; otherwise, remove your ring. The likelihood of losing your ring in the dirt while touching the soil is very high. The moissanite stone on the ring may not break but can gain scratches while tending to the garden. It may also become dirty.



wearing engagement rings while gardening


Gardening will age your ring dramatically and make it lose its shine and sparkle very quickly. A lot of germs will turn your stone color to yellow. It will get very hard to clean. You may also lose your stone or your prongs are likely to get bent or broken. 


Can you wear your engagement ring when you're Sunbathing?

When sunbathing, most people use moisturizers to protect their skin from the sun. Most of these products have chemicals in them that can cause harm to the metal on the engagement ring. Especially if the sunscreen has sulfates and sulfides in it. Such chemicals can dull the brilliance of the stone. 


Wearing engagement ring while sunbathing at the beach


Apart from that, all the lotion lathering will make the ring, and it's settings get dirty. Your priority should be protecting your skin from any sun. So, it would be best if you left your gorgeous moissanite ring at home before you head out to sunbathe.


tv land sunscreen GIF by YoungerTV

Can you wear your engagement ring when Cooking and Baking?

Most people can cook without having to remove their rings. Even though that is the case with a moissanite engagement ring, you should be extra careful. Some foods need you to engage with the marinating.



Cooking with engagement ring on


If you are baking, the kneading of the dough requires full use of your hands. That means that the ring will come in contact with flour from the dough or whatever spices that you are using. That will definitely make the stone and the settings dirty.


Can you wear your engagement ring when you Shower/Bathroom?

Gold is:

  • waterproof
  • won't turn your skin to black or green
  • does not rust
  • can't get wet

But the chemical exposure will turn your shiny engagement ring into a dull one. As a rule of thumb, you consider that wherever there's water, then probably it's not a safe place for your engagement ring or jewelry in general.


wearing your engagement ring and jewelry in the shower and bathroom

At times you can wear some types of jewelry while taking a shower, but you should know that you increase the chances of tarnishing. The chemicals of the soap or your shampoo may affect your ring. While washing your hair, the ring may get stuck in your hair as well. Hot water may change the size of prongs, and over time your stone may become loose. If the micro pave is set by clue, then you may see the small stones start coming off after exposure to hot water. You can take shower if you'd take responsibility for it, otherwise I'd always recommend removing your rings and jewelry when taking a shower. 


wearing your engagement ring and jewelry in the shower, toilet, bathroom


Toilets and bathrooms are not safe places to bring your ring or other jewelry into. Many people accidentally lose their jewelry if it falls down in the drain. Some can save them but in many cases they can't ever take it out again. So make a habit for yourself to take off all of your jewelry in your room before taking a shower.


Can you wear your engagement ring when Sleeping?

If you don't have one sleeping posture, then remove your moissanite engagement ring. If the stone is large, then you may wake up and find that you have made a mark on your or partner's face. For you to ensure that this doesn't happen, remove it before you sleep.


Sleeping with ring


Flowing your blood to your hands increases when you're asleep. So your fingers get bigger. This may cause your ring to get stuck. Or if it's very tight, your finger may turn black and serious injuries may happen to your finger.


Where Should You Keep Your Moissanite Engagement Ring When Not Wearing It?

1) In a Jewelry Box:

It would be best if you had a box with lining inside to keep the ring at any time you are not using it. Such a box will ensure that the stone is not scratched. No damage will happen to the settings in any way. There are cases where you want to remove the ring either in the bathroom or kitchen. 


Jewelry Box


2) In your DIY Jewelry Stand:

It would be best if you put some ring dishes there. These ring dishes will ensure that your ring is in a safe place. If not, then you may have to look for your ring anytime you removed it and misplace it. The chances of losing it are high. 


Ring Holder Dish


3) In your Ring Box:

Most rings come with a box. We give an exotic hardwood ring box with snake skin interior on our engagement rings an other high jewelry. This beautiful ring box is made for longevity. You can keep it at your desk or in your drawer and use it to store your ring.



Luxury exotic Engagement Ring Box

 (Natural Snake Skin Interior Ring Box)

4) In your Travel Jewelry Bag:

A travel jewelry bag is a handy bag to have for your jewelry and other small items that you'd ever wanna carry. There's many different types of them with different capacities.

Luxury Travel Jewelry Bag


We give a goat leather travel jewelry bag with rabbit fur interior on our jewelry. This is because carrying your jewelry or having a mobile place to keep your jewelry is so important and safe. So we want you to have the cutest and most luxurious travel jewelry bag ever.


Season 6 Crying GIF by Friends

What Should I Do in Case My Moissanite Ring Gets Dirty?

In case you forgot to remove your ring and it gets dirty, then worry not. You can put some water in a container with mild soap and use a soft sponge to clean it. After that, you can dry it with a clean towel or let the water dry out on its own. 

It is important to remember to take it to the professionals for cleaning at least once or twice a year. They will be able to use professional cleaning agents to make it look as good as new again. They can also check on the settings and rectify anything that needs attention. 


Cleaning jewelry for free


It is very natural to want to wear your engagement ring every day. But it is even more critical to make sure that it is safe and well-taken care as the precious gem that it is.


In order for your engagement ring to shine and sparkle your jeweler is supposed to clean polish and tighten the prongs regularly. Why is this important? As time goes by germs and dirt surround your stone which is inevitable. At the same time no matter how careful you are some scratches may appear on your engagement ring. 


The scratches and dirt make your engagement ring look old or fake.



That means you get very less shine and sparkle out of your ring. So you want to make sure that you only purchase your engagement ring from a jeweler who takes responsibility for cleaning, polishing, re-plating & prong tightening of your engagement ring on a regular basis. For example here at Leyloon we take care of these services for free so our customers never ever have to be worried about inspecting or cleaning their jewelry.


Does engagement ring warranty or insurance matter?

Yes of course warranty and insurance do matter. Leyloon engagement rings all have free lifetime warranty on almost anything. As long as you don’t break or physically damage your engagement ring and its stones, we take care of the rest of the services for free.


Cleaning jewelry By a Jeweler


You protect your valuable assets by insuring them. Insure your moissanite or diamond engagement ring. It will be very beneficial in case the ring gets lost or damaged settings to occur. Insure the ring as soon as you buy it, especially if you intend to wear it every day. You can wear your engagement ring every day. Ensure that you avoid the above activities to wear your beautiful ring for a long time.


When you buy your engagement ring, you may be so excited that you will not pay attention to the upcoming events and actions required for the care of your engagement ring. The fact is that wearing an engagement ring everyday is possible with care.


Cleaning jewelry by a jeweler


I don’t wanna get into all of the details since you can read them on any of our product pages. But these are the most common and important things that may come up as time goes by. We cover all of these on a yearly basis for free on all of our moissanite and diamond jewelry. So if you're our customer you know that you're covered with no worry and receipt needed.


  1. + Ring Resizing to fit your finger through thick and thin.
  2. + Jewelry Shortening/Lengthening for when you want to live big or small.
  3. + Prong Retipping to bring your ring right back to life.
  4. + Gem Tightening so your rock stays secure with maximum grip.
  5. + Refinishing if you've had some rough times with your trinkets.
  6. + Inspecting everything so that it's all how it should be.
  7. + Polishing so it shines like...well...a jewel.
  8. + Cleaning out debris and pesky old germs to keep your trinkets tidy as church shoes.
  9. + Free Minimal Repair, because life happens, and that shouldn't kill your vibe.
  10. + Soldering for chains & bracelets so they stay as tight as your fashion sense.
  11. + Rhodium Plating on White Gold to refresh and protect its beautiful shine.
  12. + Resetting Gems so they stand upright and sparkle for you, always.
  13. + Clasp Replacement so your jewelry can hold on tight and never let go.
  14. + Zero Charge of Handling & Shipment to you.
  15. + Gem Color Guarantee so you know it'll always stay pure as Day one.


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