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Hidden Halo

  • Mary
    Flat Edge Prong Hidden Halo 4 Carat Round Moissanite Engagement Ring
    Regular price
    $ 3,091.66 USD
    Sale price
    $ 3,091.66 USD
  • Juliette
    Thick Band Hidden Halo Bead Set 10 Carat Round Moissanite Engagement Ring
    Regular price
    $ 13,775.00 USD
    Sale price
    $ 13,775.00 USD
  • Marleigh
    Pave Wrap Hidden Halo Shared Prong 2 Carat Cushion Moissanite Ring
    Regular price
    $ 8,550.00 USD
    Sale price
    $ 8,550.00 USD
  • Aliyah
    Reverse Tapered Milgrain Hidden Halo 1 Carat Round Moissanite Ring
    Regular price
    $ 4,521.00 USD
    Sale price
    $ 4,521.00 USD


  • Aubrey
    Reverse Tapered Low Basket Solitaire 1 Carat Cushion Moissanite
    Regular price
    $ 3,292.00 USD
    Sale price
    $ 3,292.00 USD
  • Willow
    Upright: 14K Rose Gold Reverse Tapered Low Set Engagement Ring with 3 Carat Moissanite Solitaire and a Round-6 Prong design.
    Regular price
    $ 5,380.00 USD
    Sale price
    $ 5,380.00 USD
  • Serenity
    Front: 6 Prong 14K White Gold Engagement Ring with Knife Edge Low Set  design and 4 Carat Round Moissanite Solitaire.
    Regular price
    $ 6,892.00 USD
    Sale price
    $ 6,892.00 USD
  • Eva
    Reverse Tapered Low Basket Solitaire 3 Carat Heart Moissanite Ring
    Regular price
    $ 4,552.00 USD
    Sale price
    $ 4,552.00 USD
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Brightness & Personal Power

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WoW! Absolutely stunned at how gorgeous my ring is. Lovely boxed packaging - very happy with this purchase experience. It's so delicate and lovely. In perfect quality and shape. Beautiful on!

Elizabeth Miller(Ilsa) - Spa Manager & Dog Mom

I bought a set. Accurate and wonderful earrings! Same as photo. Very comfortable. I also wear them at night. I'm completely delighted with the order. Helpful customer service. 

Rebecca - CEO of her Company

Earrings are very elegant, look great. The parcel came just before the declared minimum period. Ordered on 12/02, received on 26/02. Not the first time I buy from them and always satisfied with the order. Charming earrings!! So soft metal and so beautiful color! I will wear it with pleasure. Thanks!!!

Rachel Flex - Social Worker

Beautiful and original earrings and ring. Delivery and packing are good. Earrings lie in a box decorated with a handmade flower, on black velvet. They're exactly like the image. Kind customer service. They put a postcard and a rag as a gift.

Diana - Realtor & Mom of Two