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Will Moissanite Last Forever?

Even if you tell someone you are going to love them forever, it doesn’t just stop there! Just your love and bond with each other goes through thick and thin and you two make your way out of it, 🥰 the same is the case with an engagement ring! Your stunning girlfriend is going to wear it every second of the day. So you must have been wondering will Moissanite last forever?


That is you landed at tying the knot with a Moissanite engagement ring. Moissanite is a gemstone that has been gaining popularity in recent years. 😮 It's still very new and so many people like yourself, might not know much about it. As people are getting to know it, there are many questions coming with it, as well. One of the main and most important one- will it last forever? 🤔

Will Moissanite Last Forever?

💎 The Facts Straight from the Science Lab 💎

The good news is that Moissanite is the second hardest substance after a diamond. It scores around 9.25 on a Mohs scale which is quite a lot! Hardness is what's important in making a gemstone durable and strong.


 All you need is some good maintenance and care if you purchase it elsewhere

When you buy it from us, you definitely have it forever! Because we have free lifetime guarantee on all of our moissanite and diamond jewelry... 😊We maintain your jewelry every 12 months or more for free. Unless you don't damage it physically or lose it, you bet it'll stay the exact same.


So, your girl likes keeping her things organized and well managed? Greenlight, it’s going to last long. 👍 Any chance she has OCD? Super green light, it’s going to last forever. 😏

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💎 Why Is It Important for It to Last Forever? 💎

An engagement ring is something that you will get attached to. Both of you! It’s a story that travels from generation to generation 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧. So much so, that it becomes the tale of love you two share. After a few months down the line, she won't be able to start her day without putting her ring on. It gets sentimental over time and people get attached to it!


While it's monetary value may drop, the sentimental value will keep increasing. It will be a symbol of your love and commitment to that scared of all bonds! 💟 Many people also like the idea of handing it down to their generations as it is very special to them. 💫

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Another reason for a ring to be durable is because your girl will be wearing it on a day to day basis. If she's going to do all the chores and work while wearing it, it needs to be strong enough to not get damaged! 😊

💎 What Type of Person Can Maintain It? 💎

When getting a Moissanite on an amazing engagement ring, you might want to consider one thing! It tends to be taken care of.

A girl who can take care of her things and maintains everything on a daily basis can definitely keep this ring safe! However, if it's not taken care of and cleaned on a regular basis, then you may notice the sparkle getting less.💫 


Although it can easily be fixed with just a little cleaning.✨ But, this thought matters. I mean if your girl is a work enthusiast and she merely finds time to eat, sleep and spend time with you then a Moissanite ring can be a bit of a compromised choice.


But on the other hand, even if she is a work enthusiast but likes to stay organized at all times, keep her things top-notch, go for it like maybe right now? Why wait, eh? 🤔

💎 Let’s See What Nicole Has to Say About It 💎

"Oh, I love his stone a lot! I'm now sixty years old and still wear this on a day to day basis. My husband made the best decision ever by getting me this beautiful ring. It's sad that I will have to leave this ring behind one day. It holds so much emotion and memory!",

Nicole truly has such an awe-inspiring relationship and value attached to her engagement ring. 💍

So, the key lies in figuring out how much your woman likes taking care of her stuff? How passionate she is about maintaining their initial shine and sparkle that they have when brand new. I mean you don’t want to over-burden her with something she wouldn’t like doing. 😊Or let you in on a mind-blowing secret?


Like keeping your relationship with her to last forever, you two have to keep it that way. Even if some days she can’t clean the ring or something, you can perhaps do that for her, yeah? More points for oh how adorable he is. 🥰

mind blow lol GIF by Studia Soyuz

The conclusion is that if you buy it from the right place and don't damage it, of course it lasts forever. We have forever guarantee on our entire jewelry stones with free yearly maintenance. So feel at ease. 

Go through our collections and find the moissanite jewelry you love the most💝Make sure you love it since it's gonna stay with you forever!💎♾


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  • Hi Carolyn, we only have highest quality moissanite and diamonds with lifetime warranty. The moissanite rings we have are all with gold setting and their prices start from $1000 or $2000 and go up….

    If your budget is under $100 I think you can get a sterling silver ring with Cubic Zirconia. I’d recommend you to take a look at Etsy or Amazon because you get to see so many different types of products that are inexpensive.

    I hope my answer was helpful 🤟

  • I’m not rich. I want to buy my friend a real moissanite ring under
    $75.00 do u have?

    Carolyn Brenden

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