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How Do I Choose an Engagement Ring for My Girlfriend?

You can't wait for your girlfriend to answer yes to the magical question best asked on one knee. You also want her to not only be saying yes to you but also to the ring you present her with! So how do you choose an engagement ring for your girlfriend to make sure it’s perfect?

Here are some tips from the old book that was written down by the engagement gods. If you must know, it was entrusted to me for safekeeping! ;)

How Do I Choose an Engagement Ring for My Girlfriend?

Find out Her Jewelry Style

Our article comes in handy when figuring out how to do this. Please give it a read! 

What Kind of Lifestyle Does She Have?

Is your girlfriend the physically active type? Maybe one whose most rigorous activity would be picking the newspaper from the porch? Her engagement ring needs to match her lifestyle! A physically active wearer needs stronger ring materials. Also, don't forget more protective setting styles like bezels and flush!

What’s Her Job/Career?

Does your girlfriend’s job need her to use her hands most of the time or wear gloves? You’ll want to go for a ring with a low setting as opposed to high. Why? High settings would result in hazards like tearing her gloves. It could also get in the way of her day to day activities. You want her to be comfortable wearing the symbol of your love for the rest of her life. This means it might as well be one that is compatible with her means of making a livelihood!

What’s Her Personality?

Did you know that your girlfriend’s personality can help you determine what ring would be best for her? :) Like most fashion choices, rings play a big role in expressing the wearer’s personality. Is your girlfriend soft-spoken and reserved? An elegantly simple and classic design would be the best for them! Is she more outgoing and social? Then you might want to consider a bold and unique style for her ring! 


Asscher and emerald cuts are more masculine than other diamond cuts.

The straight facets and sharp corners make them appear very strong compared to other cuts. If you notice because of their wide and large facet surface area, their sparkle is super flashy and when it hits, it hits hard.

I think round edges are more feminine.

So if you show me this ring and make me guess the personality of the owner, I'd say she's a business owner, influencer, or some someone that's definitely more than just an innocent housewife. Like if it was a round cut I'd for sure say she likes to cook and take care of kids more than running a business. And if it was a marquise or a pear cut I'd say she's very artistic.


Do you feel like you can pick up personalities from people's jewelry or is it just me?


At the end of the day, each ring is as unique as its wearer! You want to make sure the ring you get your girlfriend helps her express who she is as a person. She’ll love you more for it, trust me! ;)


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