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What Is a Halo Engagement Ring?

Are you planning to propose and looking for the perfect ring?

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More and more couples today are choosing engagement rings that are as unique as their love. Carol and John have been together since high school. They both loved the beach and would always plan a beach holiday right after the new year. On one such beautiful beach night, they went for a walk along the water. They were the only people on the beach. While they watched an incredible sunset together, John went atop a sand dune, got down on one knee, and pulled out an amazing ring, that sparkled like their love. It was a beautiful oval halo. Carol was so overwhelmed, she cried like a baby. Of course, she said yes!

What Is a Halo Engagement Ring?

If your fiancé also loves something classic but wants a stylish twist, the Halo ring might be for you. The Halo is a timeless classic, second only to the solitaire. A halo ring features a big center diamond, framed by a circle of smaller diamonds. The result - a ring that has more sparkle than a solitaire of the same size.

The small diamonds also act as a protective layer for the center diamond. Because you don’t want to buy a ring with all the love and then end up losing the diamond. Carol and John have been married for two years now. On all family outings, Carol sports her beautiful ring. It sits gracefully on her finger, and given its close setting, doesn’t get caught anywhere.

The halo style also makes the central stone look bigger than it is. Studies say that diamonds can look up to half a carat bigger in the halo setting.

The halo style became popular as part of the 1920s art deco movement. The style resurfaced several times over the years before acquiring a classic status. It has become one of the most popular styles of engagement rings, favored by celebrities and luxury brands alike.

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Most Loved Styles of the Halo Engagement Ring

Halo rings come in a variety of styles. From a classic round diamond ring to a colored floral halo, there are so many styles to choose from.

Round Halo

This elegant style features a classic round diamond center that is set inside a circle of smaller diamonds.

Double Halo

Instead of a single halo layer, this style uses two halos of diamonds. Some people choose to go for a third layer too, depending on the size of the center stone.

Hidden Halo

If your partner prefers a unique stone shape with the halo effect, then go with this. You can go with shapes such as square, pear, oval, Or even asscher. They all look great in the hidden halo setting.

Color center

If your fiancé has a favorite color, you can choose to go with a colored center stone for the ring. Sapphires are stunning, think Princess Diana. Other colors, such as emerald, ruby, and canary are also popular among the ones that only go with unique stuff.

Why the Halo Setting is popular

  • It enhances the sparkle of the centre diamond.
  • Boosts the overall appearance of the ring.
  • Acts as a protective layer for the centre stone.
  • Works with a variety of diamond shapes, including round, square, oval, pear, etc.
  • Offers the possibility of contrast by using different colored gemstones.
  • It's simply and elegantly bold.

Cons of the Halo Setting

  • It’s difficult to resize the ring.
  • The small stones may fall off with time and need some extra care.

See if your personality and lifestyle matches with it, you're not gonna wanna take it off after you notice how many eyes it grabs.
If you’re planning to propose with a halo, we’d love to hear your story!

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