About us

What kind of fine jewelry increases in value as soon as you receive it?

The one that comes from people you love. 


➡ Founder’s Story ⬅

I used to wonder " what would my occupation look like when I'm a grown up?".

Every moment we spend with others is an opportunity to make a network of people and or share our values. So the environment that we are exposed to defines what type of people we're surrounded with.


I've always felt like my brain is a designer and a problem solver. Many times I was also convinced that I'm an engineer. Because I could design and make anything I want no matter how big or small.


So many times I asked myself;

"Who's got the greatest and happiest job of all time?"

"What environment would inspire me when I'm there?"

 "What kind of work would mean the most to me?"


I thought about it from many different angles. When people want the highest quality or exotic and rare jewelry, that means a big moment has happened or is about to come. Every single time my answer to myself was that "I can't see myself happier than when I help other people create a great experience." 


How I decided to only make with Hypoallergenic metals?

Nothing is more frustrating than when you have to scratch your chest for days after wearing the necklace you love. Some of the necklaces would turn my chest red and itchy for a long time and I didn’t know how to get rid of the annoying itch. At the same time I’d feel sad and wondering what to do with my favorite necklace if wearing it would bother me? 


20% of people around the world have an allergy to nickel, including myself. No one should get hurt by wearing the jewelry they love, it could be men, women or children. That's why today all of our jewelry is hypoallergenic. They're all safe for people that have an allergy to nickel.


Why do we give a lifetime cleaning warranty?

Long time ago I bought a shiny bar bracelet and wore it beside my watch. I loved how beautifully they compliment each other. After a year, some scratches appeared on my beautiful shiny bracelet as the result of wearing it beside my watch and working a lot with my hands. Finding a trusted place to polish it was a challenge every single time.

That's why today we offer Free complimentary annual cleaning and polishing on all of our fine jewelry. 


- Max Lords, Founder and CEO

How Do We Design & Make Jewelry?

After a design goes through final testing, right before bringing it to the store, we ask ourselves the last qualifying question:

If we travel 100 years into the future, and your grand-kids bring your jewelry to us for maintenance, would we be proud of what we made for you? 

We take nothing short of "heck yeah!" as an appropriate answer. 

To keep the legacy of excellence alive, our rings are hand-crafted by master-jewelers of the Orient. Once their process is set in stone, we ship our precious jewels directly to the home they deserve.

By being 15 years ahead of the jewelry industry, our advanced warehouse technology and our artisan master-jewelers allow you to be 15 years ahead of yours.

We know timeless jewelry can only be made with the right designs, in the right hands. That's why we do everything for our goldsmiths to make every single one of our pieces timeless.


Our Number One Driving Factor:

Have you ever heard the saying that if you wanna get the most, you gotta give the most?

We love designing rare masterpieces. We enjoy every aspect of what we do from the design to the point where you bring a smile to the face of your beloved ones.

Everyday is an opportunity for us to give, by serving our masterpieces straight to your heart. Or by helping you serve them to another. 

We don't just provide goods. Our jewelry's so gorgeous, it's a service!


Our Missions:

Your Wonderful Experience:

Our first mission is to make you feel special about your jewelry and yourself. We'd make you feel like something that you'd never experienced before.  


Do We Give Back?

There's an old adage that goes: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

We believe in this wholeheartedly.

That's why we support organizations that teach underprivileged families how to metaphorically fish.

For example, we support institutions that teach families employable skills, like farming.

All our sponsored teachings, equipment, and seeds may take a few years to reap rewards. But we believe, like prestigious jewelry, it's worth it. 

We plant 100-1000 trees per sale through these families.

Your Support:

We create the best jewelry guides.

We answer any question, solve any problem and bring results that work.

We help them get exactly what they wish or dreamed of having.