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About us

What's Leyloon About?

Our Mission:

We find the gap where people have a problem related to jewelry.


Our mission is to create the best user-friendly jewelry guide.

We answer any question, solve any problem and bring results that work.

With accuracy on the point.

We help them get exactly what they wish or dreamed of having.


Example 1:

Many guys don’t know how to find out about their girlfriend’s ring size before proposing.

We help create valuable content to help them find out about her ring size and how to surprise her.


Example 2:

Sometimes earrings get stuck for different reasons and this can be so irritating.

We suggest you the best steps to get it off and cleaning.


Example 3:

You’ve got a ring that you don’t want to resize but sometimes you really wanna wear it. You’re just afraid of losing it.

We bring you DIY methods to make your rings smaller in seconds. So you’re able to enjoy wearing it after a long time.


Example 4:

You wanna know more about CCCC or diamonds and moissanite. But there’s so many conflicting data out there and you’re confused.

We bring you straight on the point with the infographics that are especially made to simplify your understanding. Browse through hundreds of them while they all make sense with accuracy.


Example 5:

You’re wondering among the jewelry metals and don’t know what you should get.

We guide what metal would be the best for you based on your personality, activity or occupation.


Example 6:

You have trouble with wearing jewelry. Some irritate you, some get itchy and the others make your skin green. You’re exhausted and wondering what you should wear then?

We reveal all the facts and figures to you no matter how hard or painful.

Visit our jewelry guide from the website navigation menu to check out thousands more..


Basically we’re with you before, after and forever you have something to do with jewelry.



What's Special About Us?

What kind of gift increases in value as soon as you receive it?

Jewelry can be affordable or expensive. But once a meaning goes behind it, you can't really put a price on it.

Especially if it's from someone who loves you, madly.

Getting just the right trinket is stressful, too! Nobody wants to give the wrong thing to the right person.

That's why at Leyloon, we make sure your gifts are always next level. 

What Do We Have That No One Else Does?

If you love someone, wouldn't you wanna see them again and again?

We love what we do at Leyloon, and most importantly, we love you!

That's why we want to make sure, 100 years down the line, even your great-grandchildren can bring your jewelry to us for its yearly care.

At Leyloon, we have your back. Period.

How Do We Make Jewelry?

After a design goes through final testing, right before bringing it to the store, we ask ourselves the last qualifying question:

If we travel 100 years into the future, and your grand-kids bring your jewelry to us for maintenance, would we be proud of what we made for you?

We take nothing short of "heck yeah!" as an appropriate answer. 

To keep the legacy of excellence alive, our rings are hand-crafted by master-jewelers of the Orient. Once their process is set in stone, we ship our precious jewels directly to the home they deserve.



All our paperwork is done right here in our office in Victoria, BC., Canada. (Go Lions!)

By being 15 years ahead of the jewelry industry, our advanced warehouse technology and our artisan master-jewelers allow you to be 15 years ahead of yours.

We know timeless jewelry can only be made with the right designs, in the right hands. That's why we do everything for our goldsmiths to make every single one of our pieces a classic.

Do We Give Back?

There's an old adage that goes: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

We believe in this wholeheartedly.

That's why we support organizations that teach underprivileged families how to metaphorically fish.

For example, we support institutions that teach families employable skills, like farming.

All our sponsored teachings, equipment, and seeds may take a few years to reap rewards. But we believe, like prestigious jewelry, it's worth it.


Our Number One Driving Factor

Have you ever heard the saying that if you wanna get the most, you gotta give the most?

Everyday is an opportunity for us to give, by serving our masterpieces straight to your heart. Or by helping you serve them to another. 

We don't just provide goods. Our jewelry's so gorgeous, it's a service!

Founder’s Story

It All Started With a Sandwich

Has it ever happened to you that you accidentally tried something, and others found you brilliant at it? :D 

Well, my necklaces would make other guys drool in high school.

So naturally, whenever they wanted one, they would trade me a hotdog from the school cafeteria.

As the necklace trend grew wider, more kids starting say hi than I even recognized! 

Slowly, some of the kids' older brothers started giving me money to get in on the hot new necklace trend. 

It didn't even matter that they didn't know me personally. I was now the Necklace King.

So I would go to the store, every evening, and buy the wonderful necklaces that so many people began to love.

Everything was going well and I almost ate sandwiches everyday, until that store ran out of those necklaces. :( :D

Getting Sandwiches to the Face

When you’re experiencing delicious and happy days early on in life, you may not appreciate their taste. 

Until life hits you in the face with some of the painful ones.

16 years after getting into different businesses in 3 different countries, acquiring several technical skills and learning multiple languages, I couldn’t find any of those job sweets. 

I felt like a hamster running on a wheel with no way out. 

When I looked back, I had never been happier than the time I dealt with high school guys, getting them cool new necklaces every day. Those sandwiches were amazing too.

That’s when I decided to just do what I do best. 


Going After My Own Happy Sandwiches

My aunt always tried teaching my mom to invest in gold whenever they met.

I was a kid, so I could hardly understand what she said. But I always thought about her courage while she was talking.

When I got into the jewelry business, I couldn't remember any of my aunt’s advice. (Great, right?) But I acted out her courage for sure.

(Credits to my #aunty!) :D

Guess what happened next?

Well, you got it right!

Now the sandwiches I eat everyday taste exactly like the ones I ate in high school. :)

- Max Lords, Founder and CEO