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Is It Better to Size an Engagement Ring Up or Down?

You have her perfect ring figured out! The only (but very important) lego piece missing from your masterpiece is her right ring size. In this case, most people wonder whether it’s better to size the ring up or down. Wonder no more, because I’m here to your rescue! 😉

If you guessed her ring size and know it’s thereabout but not perfectly accurate, it’s better to…. size up then adjust the size to be smaller later if needed! Why?

Is It Better to Size an Engagement Ring Up or Down?

1. It’s Easier to Size down than Up 

Once a ring is crafted, it would be easier to make it smaller than to make it bigger. This is because the metal is “cut off” to reduce it and added onto to increase it.

2. There’s a Temporary Solution If a Ring Is Bigger

When a ring is smaller it simply can't fit your girlfriend’s finger. On the other hand, there’s a temporary fix to enable her to wear a bigger ring! Introducing…..the ring guard! 😉 All you need to do is just pop it into the inside of a ring to help it fit on a smaller finger. There, your girlfriend can show her stunner off before you get it resized! 😊

3. Ring Size Fluctuations

The size of one's fingers can change not just throughout a lifetime, but even throughout a day. Factors like temperature, humidity, and altitude can affect how the ring fits. For example, if you're in a cold environment, your fingers shrink a bit and the ring will feel on the looser side. If you're in a hot place, they can expand and the ring will feel tight. This means we’ll want the ring to have enough wiggle room as we figure out the most comfortable size. If the ring is smaller, it denies us that! ☹

Something else to keep in mind! When it comes to resizing is that some rings are more difficult to resize than others, for instance:

  • Rings with tension settings
  • Band pavé (especially eternity pavé where the stones cover the whole band) and rings with side stones
  • Rings with patterns going around the whole band
  • Some metals can’t be resized at all, for example, titanium and tungsten

That’s all for today, you now know what to do….. 😉

References: Serendipity Diamonds

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