Average Ring Size by Height and Weight

If you're looking to surprise her with an engagement ring or a wedding band, you're at the right place. But if you wanna find your own ring size or someone else's you'll find it here.

Can you tell the average ring size based on height and weight? This is a great question worth some more diving into so, here we go!



The short answer to this question is yes and no. Ambiguous much? 😉 I’ll explain more before you think I’m crazy! I'll start with how we can use this information to help guess your girlfriend’s ring size. 


Average Ring Size by Height and Weight



If the ring is for a man, then obviously you should estimate higher ring numbers than women. Men's rings usually start from somewhere around 7 and go up. Men with slim hands fall around 7-10. Bigger hands can easily be around 11 and 12.




This is based on statistics of the average height and weight of women in most parts of the world. The average ring size of women is 5-7 (median of 6). We’ll relate this to your girlfriend’s ring size.

This way, I can show you the dos and don’ts of using this as a measure of the average ring size. More specifically, your girlfriend’s ring size.



As a first step, you’ll want to take note of your girlfriend’s frame. Is she short and on the bigger side with her frame? Then you want to consider the 7-9 ring size range. Is she tall and slender? Then it’ll be more like 4 or 5. Once you figure this out, our other factors come knocking for consideration! 😉


1. Her Knuckles

Her frame will help determine whether her fingers are average, bigger or smaller. Aside from that, you need to observe her knuckles. Are they bigger than the rest of her finger? If so, then we’ll need to consider a bigger size so that the ring is able to slide past her knuckle when she puts it on.



2. Is She Right or Left-handed?

Fingers on the dominant hand tend to be slightly bigger. This is approximated as half a size bigger than the other hand. Armed with this new trick, we want to pay closer attention to her dominant hand! 😉



3. Her Fit Preference

Does she prefer a tighter fitting ring or one on the looser side? The rings in her jewelry box would be the best place to check!





4. Her Age, Race, Ethnicity, and Genetics

This goes to confirm that we can use the average height and weight of women to estimate the average ring size! That said, it should go hand in hand with a few more factors for improved accuracy.




5. Her Fingers Compare to Your Fingers

Is your height and weight similar to hers? What about your finger sizes? You should have a better estimate about your finger sizes. Find the similarities and the differences between your fingers and her fingers. This way you can find a better number by measuring your own finger which is similar to hers. 






Ring size can change. If you lose or gain weight, the finger fat follows. If your loved one is losing or gaining weight, make sure you keep this in mind.

I must leave you with a disclaimer when it comes to the question of women’s weights. Whatever you do, don’t ask her how much she weighs! :D I personally would opt for some methods that can nail her exact ring size. I mentioned some of them for you down below. 

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