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Free Printable Ring Sizer Strip and Size Chart PDF

Here are some simple tools to find your ring size.

When you print the paper graphic below, you can find your size with a couple methods.

Each one of these methods should give you the same number. 


Note: Make sure that your printer is set to 100% print size. However you should make sure if the printed numbers are accurate. After printing check the little ruler shape graphics at the bottom right of the paper with your own ruler. 📏 Either in inches or centimeters make sure they exactly fit properly when you put your own physical ruler on them. 👍



First Method - Wrap The Stripper Around Your Finger: 

Download the graphic in PDF or PNG and print it. 


  1. Cut out the tape-shaped paper strip below. Cut it accurately on the straight line. 

  2. Wrap it around your finger
  3. Check the given number where the strip overlaps with the line.  
  4. Match that number with the ring sizes above. That's your fit!



Printable Ring Sizer Strip and Size Chart PDF





Second Method - Place Your Actual Fit Ring on The Graphic Rings:

You probably have an existing ring that fits your finger the best. Bring it to the table right now because you can use it to find out it's size. 



Consider that wide rings fit tighter compared to the same size rings that are thinner. So the wideness of the ring that you're using should be similar to the one that you wanna get. 

The thickness of it does not matter though. You should only focus on the inside diameter when you place your ring on the shapes. Which one of them fits the best? That's your best ring size.

If you either wanna find your girlfriend's ring size or boyfriend's, these easy methods will give you her/his accurate ring size. They're all applicable for both men and women.


If you need to convert numbers for whatever reason, check this Ring Size Chart out.


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