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Printable Ring Sizer Strip and Size Chart PDF

Here are some easy tools to find your ring size.

When you print the graphics below, you can find your size using two methods.

Both of these methods should give you the same number.

Note: Make sure that your printer is set to 100% print size.


First method: 

1. Cut out the tape-shaped paper strip below.

2. Wrap it around your finger

3. Check the given number where the strip overlaps with the line.  

4. Match that number with the ring sizes above. That's your fit!Printable Ring Sizer Strip and Size Chart PDF


Second method:

1. Download the PDF chart above and print it. 

2. Place your finger on the chart:

Place your finger (right below the knuckle) on the measured lines below the rings and see which one fits best. (Like the picture below!)

3. Check the number inside the best-fitting circle. That's your size!




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