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How Do You Secretly Measure Her Ring Size?

Are you planning on asking her the big question but have no idea what size to get her ring in? Would you like to keep the cat in the bag? You can secretly measure her ring size - it’s time to put that detective cap on! 😊

Ready? I’ll let you in on some of the most popular ring size detective tips from the book if you promise not to tell! 😉

 How Do You Secretly Measure Her Ring Size?

1. “Borrow” Her Ring

Check her jewelry box! She might have many different rings in it, sometimes worn on different fingers. Have you noticed one she wears either of her ring fingers (left or right hand)? That’s the one we need to “borrow” without really asking! 😉 Any moment she takes it off and is out of sight is your golden chance, so don’t waste it! You’ll need any of the following tools to make this mission a success;

  • Pen and Paper: If you have a piece of paper and pen handy, lay the ring on the paper and trace the inside and outside of its band.
  • Your own finger and a pen: No paper? No problem! Another way is slipping her ring over one of your fingers and using a pen to mark where it stops.
  • A candle: Are you so random that you happen to have a tapered candle around? You’ll be thankful that you are! 😉 All you need to do is slip the ring on it and mark where it stops.
  •  A soap: Now, a soap is surely a less random ask, at least I hope it is! To work this, you’ll need to imprint the ring outline by pressing it into the soap. Remember, we’re not trying to get caught so you don’t want to leave any soap residue on the ring. Wash it carefully in warm water to get rid of any evidence that might work against you! 😉

You can then translate the measurements into an approximate ring size using a ring sizer. Just like that, your cat’s still in the bag and you have her ring size! 😉

2. Ask for Help from a Loved One

Wouldn’t it be fun to enlist a partner in crime? The more the merrier, they always say! 😊 You can ask her bestie, sister, or even mom if they know her ring size – their answer might be your gold mine!

If there’s no such luck, don’t break a sweat yet because they can still help! Have you ever heard of the game “Let’s put my ring on you and see how it looks?” If you ask me, that’s one innocently sweet game with a very cleverly hidden motive! 😉 Once their ring is on her finger, they can make note of your girlfriend’s ring size compared to their own.

If they don’t have a ring, let’s count on your girlfriend's love for shopping sprees! While “shopping”, they can get your girlfriend to check out rings at any jewelry store just for fun. They can then ask to get everyone’s ring size taken, including your unsuspecting girlfriend’s. Voila! 😊

3. A String Has Never Been This Handy!

Deep sleeper, anyone? If the answer to that is yes for your girlfriend, it’s our lucky day! Now, before you get too excited, there’s another very important rule here. Wait for it…… you got to have steady hands! Is that a yes? Great! Once she’s asleep, try to loosely tie a string around her finger. Why loosely? We don’t want the ring to get stuck on her knuckle, so it should have enough room for it. Once you have the string in place, mark where the strings meet with a pen or cut it to the correct length. Our good old friend the ring sizer will then give us the final measurement! 😊

4. Trial Version? Yes, Please!

Is a holiday or a special day like her birthday coming up? Grab that opportunity! How, you ask? I’d have thought by now you know I don’t leave you “hanging” like most drama series movies... 😉 As the name "trial" suggests, you can explore and make mistakes here. Buy her a ring in any size that you think would fit. If it does, you might want to consider a career as an archer for your accuracy! If not, it gives you a chance to figure out the right size together as you get this ring sized – mission accomplished! 😊

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