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What Is Considered a Large Engagement Ring?

What size do most women consider a large engagement ring? You’ll want your lady to have something to brag about when it comes to that ring talk.

Like a different flock of birds, different fields mean different things. What do I mean by that? What one person may consider a large engagement ring will differ depending on a number of things:

What Is Considered a Large Engagement Ring?

Social circle

If your friends recently got engaged, observe carefully. You'll notice that their rings will average around a certain carat weight. If that figure is say, 3 carats, then what would be considered large is anything above 4 carats. 


Where you live could also influence your perception of what’s a large engagement ring. How so? People around a demographic can normalize bigger carat rings, making them common. For a person in such an area, if they are used to seeing big carat rings. It’d then take a really huge ring to startle them! :)

Size of the wearer’s finger

How big a person’s finger is can determine what they consider a large ring. If you have small, slender fingers, rings you consider large may be average to other people. As an example, my younger sister has a 2.5-carat ring that looks normal on my finger and gigantic on her finger. Looking at our fingers at different times one would consider it large on her finger and medium on mine!

Composition of the ring setting

Is the ring solitaire with a single center stone? Is it a three stone with two side stones flanking the main stone? Does it have a halo? Maybe a band pavé to add some bling? The other stones on a ring apart from the main one contribute to how large a ring looks. A ring with a halo around a center stone may be considered larger than one with just the center stone.

There’s no definite answer to this question. However, you can never go wrong if you consider any ring above 2 carats large in any average standard. Just don’t mention this in celebrity gossip where the smallest carat ring would be 5 carats! ;D

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