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Should I Buy Moissanite or Diamond Engagement Ring?

Once you have met a beautiful lady that you want to spend the rest of your life with, the next step is proposing. You are planning to spend the rest of your life with this special lady. Get her an engagement ring that resonates with the same sentiments. You must get her a unique ring that will blow her mind away.

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Will it be a diamond or moissanite? Are you caught between a rock and a hard place? More like caught between two hard rocks, the moissanite, and the diamond. Let's try and make it easier.

Should I Buy Moissanite or Diamond Engagement Ring?

It is so easy to run for a diamond engagement ring because it is trendy worldwide. But there are some characteristics of the moissanite that can give it a run for its money. Both the diamond and moissanite have great qualities

What are a diamond and moissanite?

Diamond consists of carbon and forms under a lot of heat and extreme pressure. It comes to the top of the earth's surface through geological activities. This is why diamond is available all over the world in different regions. 

Natural moissanite is rare to find. Meteorites are usually the most common source. This fact makes it rarer than diamonds. The little natural moissanite found on earth is insufficient to make mass jewelry. It is unattainable to most people. That is why the moissanite stones found in the market are laboratory-made.

Comparison of Durability

Diamonds rank as the hardest rocks, especially in natural classification. The mineral falls under number 10 in the Mohs scale of hard stones. Moissanite is close behind it at 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Heat Resistance Between the Two Stones

Moissanite gemstones take the prize when it comes to heat resistance. It can handle heat better than diamonds. But both of the stones are scratch-resistant. This makes it easy to care and maintain the stones. That makes both of these two gemstones great for everyday wear.

The Difference in Appearance 

These two gemstones are very similar in the way they look. If one is not an expert, then they will find it very difficult to tell a diamond apart from the moissanite. The experts who can tell them apart have to use specialized equipment plus vast knowledge to do that.

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Brilliance Between a Diamond and a Moissanite

A diamond has a refractive index at 2.42. This is evident from an angle of refraction. This usually makes its brilliance stand out. The fire from diamond stones is impressive.

The moissanite has a refractive index of 2.65, which is higher than that of a diamond. This means that this stone has more brilliance and fire than any other gemstone. If you buy a large moissanite stone, then the light reflected has a rainbow color

Some people enjoy the light show that such a ring would bring, but others don’t. For people who don’t like the display of colors, then it is best to get a smaller size of the stone. 

Ethical and Sustainable Concerns about the Two Gemstones

As you know by now, diamonds come from the earth. There has been much negativity towards its mining since. It is a common belief that innocent people suffer while mining it. There is information that suggests that even children work in the mines. 

This has made people shy away from promoting more diamond mining. Environmental degradation also happens every time someone wants to mine diamonds. For one carat of diamond, people have to extract one ton of earth from its place.

Once that happens, the site is likely to face erosion, barrenness, and wasteland. Deforestation also often takes place before the mining starts. This way of getting diamonds is a turn off for many who love the environment. 

Moissanite gemstones are lab-manufactured, which means that no environmental degradation occurs. So there is no conflict about this stone. The creation of moissanite is more sustainable and ethical than diamond creation. The way people work in moissanite making labs is well and in great working conditions. 

Moissanite is often an alternative to diamonds. Still, you want a stone that lasts forever and is the hardest. Moissanite stands the test of time as well but comes second to diamond. Ethical issues aside, you want the best stone. Diamond or Moissanite are both lovely choices. 


The cuts of both diamond rings and moissanite rings are similar. If you choose either, you will enjoy the same effects. You can have the princess cut, cushion cut, emerald, and even oval cuts. All you have to do is choose whatever you prefer on the array of displayed cuts. 

Care for the Gemstones

Both moissanite and diamond stones are durable; there is no extraordinary care required. The same way that you take care of a diamond is the same way you will for a moissanite engagement ring.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend as the common phrase goes. Moissanite is the best alternative to having a diamond ring. 

The effects of mining diamonds can take a lifetime to rectify. If you love your environment, the best choice would be to go on one knee with moissanite. But if you want value and number 1 status on the Mohs scale, then the diamond should be your choice.

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