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Should I Buy an Engagement Ring Before Proposing?

Getting engaged is understandably a very important milestone for most people. This means wanting to do it perfectly! Have you been wondering whether you should buy an engagement ring before proposing? If so, this article is dedicated to you with lots of love! :)

Let’s take a step back, a pause, breathe in, breathe out….well, I’m kidding, it’s not that complicated! :D More seriously though, ask yourself the following questions:

Should I Buy an Engagement Ring Before Proposing?

Is She the Traditionally Romantic Type? 

By traditionally romantic, I mean the type of person who has each romantic moment dreamt out. Romantic moments include a promise ring, engagement, and the wedding itself. Every tiny detail matters to her and engagement without a ring would certainly not cut it! In this case, you’d definitely need to buy that ring before you ask the magical question! :)

Would She Prefer to Select Her Own Ring? 

Sometimes ladies can be so choosy and the last thing you want is to get her a ring that she hates. It could ruin your special moment when she wants to say yes to you but hell no to the ring! :D How do we get around this? You are considering marriage, so you know her personality and preference well enough. You already know if you want to surprise her or include her! Is she very specific about her choices like her wardrobe, makeup, or the style of the jewelry she wears? If the answer is yes, then you want to hold off getting her a ring until after you propose. This way, she gets the best of both worlds - a sweet surprise and a chance to select her own ring! ;)

Are you in a moment in your life where a proposal would make the most sense? It doesn't matter if you haven’t found that perfect ring yet!

Those moments are golden, so don’t let the ring be the reason you miss out! If the moment is magical enough, she’ll be too overwhelmed with sweet emotions to worry about a ring right away. After the proposal, you can then focus on getting a ring to commemorate it. As an added bonus, you can involve her in the design process because the proposal will be official! :)

In answering these questions, what comes to mind? - This is not a one size fits all decision! 

What do I mean? This decision should totally depend on your circumstances! While there are societal expectations around it, what matters is your convenience. It should be a happy and meaningful moment, not a stressful one! :)


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