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Who Chooses The Engagement Ring

While the first thought to this might spring as of course, “The groom, who else.” 🤷🏻‍♀️ But, that’s not the case anymore. As times are changing so has the dynamics in the realm of engagement rings.

Change of century and Bam! Now more than ever women are choosing their own engagement rings. Just like they are actively participating in all other decisions of their lives. Heads up! 👆🏻 We have entered the new let’s do it our way zone now. Let me walk you through about who chooses the engagement ring.💍

✨Why do I need to consider this thought? ✨

It is no surprise that engagement rings are symbols of love, devotion and a promise. They’re not just a piece of jewelry casually resting on a finger. They have a meaning and they tie knots for couples while ensuring a ‘forever together’. 🌹

Before we delve into discussing their significance let me ask you something? How many movies can you think of when the words ‘engagement ring’ comes to your mind? I bet you can think of at least more than 10 right now. 🍿

Movies and shows like The Notebook and Friends clearly show us an image to define how important these rings are in a relationship; not to mention the episode from SATC where Carrie Bradshaw explains the drastic appearance of the ring her boyfriend bought. ‘The ring was not good. It was a pear shaped diamond with a gold band.’

Of course later she finds out that a friend of hers helped her boyfriend with the ring. So apparently, sometimes friends can be wrong when it comes to the sensitive matter of life, like choosing engagement rings. 😏

💍The Art of picking an engagement ring💍

I am sure by now you have it all together! You know that there’s a science involved in picking out a ring otherwise we don’t use the phrase the chemistry between two people’ for no reason. ⚗️

For years it has been an obvious fact that the person who proposes and in most cases that is the man who does that; chooses the most ‘perfect’ ring for his ‘perfect’ partner.

Who chooses the engagement ring

Traditionally, the more elegant and chic the ring is, the more it represents how the person who proposes thinks or understands his partner.

It’s not just buying jewelry. You’re actually taking a test. 👀 So if you have zero idea about what you should get, it’s best if you consult your bae’s best friend or closest people around!

✨Harry And His Fear of Becoming The lord of ‘Ugly’ Rings!✨

Harry was dating Anna for the last 5 years. Finally things took a turn and he decided to propose. But the whole experience was so overwhelming that he almost knocked at every door for help. From Anna's sister, mom to her best friend. But, still he was quite unsure because boy, oh boy! Ana was super picky when it came to jewelry shopping.

Long story short, he finally placed his best bet! 😳

He took her out for dinner after a nice, romantic drive at a rooftop restaurant. The whole place was literally shouting “Will you marry me?” He popped the question after the champagne was down.

On his knees, he held her hand and asked her to be at her side even making this biggest decision too - pick the dream ring with him!💍 Ana recalls it as the most beautiful memory of their togetherness because she loved how Harry valued her attention to details.

Some might think but meh, where’s the surprise in that? Well, surprise holds different meanings for different women. Now, more than ever, most women like to be involved in their engagement ring shopping. Why? Because they are going to spend their entire lives with it. 💁

👍Pros - Her choosing the ring

  1. A definite YES!
  2. No exchange or resetting for the ring
  3. You two will get to enjoy more couple time together
  4. Making BIG money decision together

👎Cons - Her choosing the ring

  1. The How he asked lacks the ring related details
  2. How well he knows you might be a little lost in the way
  3. Somehow you know it’s coming - the proposal day!


Okay, so one thing’s for sure you certainly do not want to be the lord of the ugly rings for your honey’s finger. Do you? Picking the ring is not only based on emotional grounds and you should definitely do your homework on that business.

The first order of business is how well you know your partner? There’s no white or black here who chooses the engagement ring. Look out for your relationship dynamics, If you two make all the big decisions together, why not make this one too? 🤗


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