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Who Buys The Groom’s Ring?

Years ago, almost a century, men didn’t wear an engagement ring or even a  wedding ring . 💒 There was no such thing as that. It was out of question and it would have raised oh-so-many eye brows!

As the big day is getting closer, are you wondering who buys the groom’s ring? I mean let’s change roles for a moment. 👇


See how we girls are super excited/nervous to live the biggest day of our lives? And then he pops the question, the stunning ring and you say Thankyou or I love you and you’re engaged. Is that it? 🤔 What about him? Exactly. Let’s take a tour down there.

➡️ Choosing a Perfect Ring for Your Perfect Man

Traditionally, when it comes to purchasing the men’s engagement ring, it is the bride who does the purchasing. Nowadays couples try to explore their options because there’s no guarantee that what might work for one couple will definitely work for another.

Since most men are not used to wearing any jewelry apart from the ⌚, the groom may want to try on designs in order to choose which band will be suitable for every day.💍

Some couples prefer to choose their engagement rings together in order to mix and match. While still have reasonable dazzling band and engagement ring on their fingers.💌

❣️Men are Programmed with Emotions too- Analise’s Story!❣️

A woman of thirty five who sat next to me on an auction spilled her story out and I keep thinking about it to this day.

She said that all these movies and stories are focused on how the princess gets the first love kiss or how the wedding proposal swept her off her feet! Hardly they focus on making the man’s fantasy proposal or wedding day come true. I literally had goosebumps for a moment there! 💯

Her name was Analise. She was in love with her fiance Frank for the past 4 years. She recalled how Frank had quite a challenging childhood. Though he is all strong and completely happy with his mostly “giver” role, she knew he wanted more!☺️

While he was planning to propose to her secretly, the day they discussed buying a house together, she decided to buy his engagement ring so she is ready when the time comes!🌟

He proposed on a beautiful and quiet February evening under the starry sky! She still remembers how shiny his eyes were when she took out his ring and put it in his finger. It was a simple metallic band that she knew he’ll be comfortable wearing and later pair with the wedding band.🥰

❣️Nothing too Big, Nothing too Basic - Charlotte’s Way!❣️

Charlotte and John met over a dating site. So their grand romantic action took a start from there! 💎 Though what may sound so cliche, their engagement story is oh so fancy that you will love it. Now, John runs a car wash garage and Charlotte works as a financial consultant. 👫

The big question was quite evident as they both clicked after the very first date. 7 dates down the line and John just asked her to grow old together.

The perfect part was when Charlotte proposed if John would want to have an engagement ring too? As it always meant something for her. She candidly put two options to either buy it herself and surprise him or just go together and buy both rings.

So they picked out their engagement rings together. Nothing too fancy. Simple. Elegant for John and dazzling Halo engagement ring for Charlotte. How romantic!😎

➡️ Conclusion:

It does strike some sense when you think about it. Your man also deserves the same love and grand gesture as you do or dream! 💟

You just need to choose carefully, if your partner would love to show his commitment and love by wearing a ring? 👉  Then get him an engagement ring.

If he is very picky and would like to make his own choice, take him along and have a joint romantic experience like Charlotte.

If he enjoys little things in life and cherishes surprises, look out for his choices and buy one yourself. Ta-daah. 💟




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