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Paying for Engagement Ring Together

Well, since you are here reading this too so it’s safe to say isn’t this new wind of calling out traditions just oh so fresh? I mean I totally love how people are now ready to consider this thought. 💡

The thought to weigh in together as a true team! 💑Now, of course when it comes to the matter of paying for the ring, men and movies have been quite vocal. Tradition is set in stone that a man goes and buys the ring. But is it though? Or have we officially entered the paying for engagement ring together era? Ooh, sounds refreshing. 🥰

💵The Money Conversations Matter Before You Say I Do!💵

It is a big first financial decision of any couple - the engagement ring purchase.

However, women have started taking this matter into their hands and become literal ‘Queens to the rescue’ as they suggest paying half of the price for their rings.

They sometimes help out their partners and take no shame when they chip in to get the ring of their dreams.  Now that is a clear picture of equality there. 👫

Other than equality, there are many more reasons why your partner would perhaps love to be an active participant in the ring decision. 👇

I have covered all those fronts below. So, if you are feeling even a little awkward as why does she want to pay, does she think I am not capable etc, etc. Let’s take care of that, shall we? 🌟



1.    ⚡Your Partner Likes to Feel Empowered⚡

Feminist or no feminist, trends are changing now more than ever! Women are no longer the dolled up brides but rather the happy bridezilla who knows what she wants, exactly! 🌺

❣️Ashley’s Beautiful Story!❣️

Ashley is going to get married this December, yes, it’s a winter wedding for her! She loves the snow and every other winter vibe. Her proposal was though a perfect fall fairy tale fantasy.

Here’s a beautiful detail from her story. Money is not a problem when it comes to Ashley and Frank. But ever since they started dating, she had her eyes on this beautiful yellow gold engagement ring from Tiffany & Co.

Frank knew what she liked but she wanted to be a part of the purchasing decision too because she associated with that ring for a good 6-7 months. Where Ashley comes from, she loves buying herself the stuff she loves. 💞She kind of feels the same way about her engagement ring. Though it is beautiful that Frank was going to put it on her finger. But she wanted to feel empowered for also paying for the one specific choice she had. 🥰

2.    💑The Real Essence of Partnership💑

I believe that this new trend of going all Dutch on the engagement rings matter i.e. splitting the cost is much better. Most couples now want to experience the real essence of being a team in everything!

After all, it is about sharing when it comes to relationships and it makes them both feel equally empowered. 👍

So there are thoughtful couples who just tend to go with the flow and not make it about money but the gesture.

❣️Rachel & Her Powerful Love Story!❣️

Rachel recalls her engagement ring decision as the stepping stone towards a new-found understanding in her 5 years long relationship.

They were both pretty excited and nervous, both of them had the joy of switching tab to tab since they shopped online. 🛍️ She recalls it as the most intimate decision that brought her and Alex just way more closer than before.

3.    ⚡Calling Out the Traditions⚡

Smart couples are now focusing on the gesture and what it means to them! Not anyone else. The intensity of love between you two, and your eager wish to turn your partner into your fiancée- is all that matters. ✅

Most couples are now questioning and hence abandoning all other traditions one of them is the groom buying the engagement ring!

❣️Elena’s Super Romantic Slash Eloped Engagement Day!❣️

Elena recalls her proposal quite a dramatic affair! But she loved how things turned out later on. Her family and her fiance’s family were complete opposites.

Adam’s family would vouch for traditions for more than anything. While the two of them wanted to purchase the engagement ring together and make everything go intimately quiet. 💞

She still loves how they actually had to elope the weekend away so they can finalize and purchase the ring together without constant interruptions. In her view, the two of you matter the most! The family can be handled later. 👍


I believe that rings are not only a symbol of marking a person yours, but also show the respect and the strength you two have, in your relationship. The only way to ace that is to go for what makes her eyes shine brighter than ever!✨

Us girls, we love it when guys put meaningful twists and turns to the ongoing traditions.

Especially as it comes to proposals and marriages. My advice? Do what makes her happy and in turn of course make your relationship solid. 🥰





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