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Should a Woman Pick Her Engagement Ring?

Gone are the days that we stick to traditional set-ups on ways of doing things even when they don’t favor us. If as a woman you ever wonder whether you should pick your engagement ring, it’s a sign that you definitely should! :)

Why do I say this? Different people have different personalities and are excited by different things. Some women wouldn’t be caught dead picking their own ring. They’d want their partners to figure it out and surprise them! Others would want a say in a ring that they’ll wear for the rest of their lives! 

And why would a woman want to pick her own engagement ring, you ask? Here’s why! ;)

Should a Woman Pick Her Engagement Ring?

They Are Very Specific about the Kind of Jewelry They Want to Wear

Let’s face it! She’ll be the wearer and if she hates the ring, it’ll be very hard to keep it on till death do her ring and finger apart! :D Men have the best intentions when they pick out a ring that they think their ladies will love. At the same time, it wouldn’t be fair to blame the ladies for wanting to be part of the ring hunt. They'd also want to make sure it’s exactly as they dream it to be! 

To Take the Pressure off Their Man

Yes, some women are romantic like that! ;) It can take a toll on a man to venture into finding their women that perfect ring. It's especially harder if he doesn’t know the first thing about jewelry!  Women who think about it this way volunteer to take the pressure off. They pick out their own ring and have their man do the rest. If that’s not what we’d call love, I don’t know what is! :) 

Partners? Let’s Make This Big Decision Together!

Some modern-day women wanting to prove that they are equal to their men counterparts. It becomes necessary to show that in relationships too! An engagement ring is understandably a big decision. Making it together as a couple where the woman picks out her ring and the man pays for it shows a united front. It also promises partnership in future decision making. After all, the couple is venturing into marriage which is all about compromises! 

Traditions? Let’s Be Unique!

Some couples choose to go out of their way to make sure they are anything but traditional in their affairs. To do things differently, they agree to have the woman pick out her own engagement ring. Nothing wrong with doing what feels right to both parties! <3

To Feel Empowered

Some women feel empowered when they select what they want as opposed to accepting what they’re given. They get excited by the idea of being able to say that the ring they wear was picked out by none other than themselves!

Whether a woman should pick her engagement ring or not is dependent on each couple! Their beliefs and how they want to remember the special moments in their lives is what matters. It should be a personal rather than a societal decision! :)

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