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Is Moissanite as Good as Diamond?

When we talk about stones and girls, them and diamonds are best friends. Out of all the stones you bring for them, the most likely of them will always be diamonds. But, well Moissanite is a stone with around similar qualities as diamond. It is a natural mineral which has similar but not exactly alike properties of diamonds. The chemical composition of both the stones are different! Though these days, moissanite is prepared in lab under special conditions to make it a twin of diamond. Let me share with you the properties of identical twins with a lot of differences. Only then you can decide whether to go for a moissanite in favor of diamond. That and other choice decisions like sentimental value, monetary value or both.

Is Moissanite as Good as Diamond?

Chemical Composition; something you cannot see but you should know!

This comparison is a scientific one. Most of you might not be interested in it. I still want to instill some science in you :p moissanite is composed of silicon carbide while diamond is only carbon. See, how much importance carbon holds. You always thought of it as useless.  This chemical composition has to do with the qualities of the gem in your engagement ring.



Hardness; something you can feel

Both diamond and moissanite are hard in nature. Want to know some more science? On Mohs scales, diamond is rated as 10 while moissanite as 9.5. Quite a negligible difference, nah? This is the most convincing reason why moissanites can be preferred as they are durable as well. 

Clarity; something you can see

When it comes to clarity, there is no comparison between diamond and moissanite. There's usually a slight flaw presented in the stone. The maximum you can get in a flawless. In most of the cases, moissanites have more clarity than diamonds. 

Color; something you can observe

Most of the moissanites are created in labs. The highest quality diamonds are colorless. Therefore, the color of moissanites is comparable to diamonds. 

Sparkle; something that is visible

Sparkle of moissanite is much more than that of diamond. Also, if you see this stone under good lighting, you will observe a more intense sparkle of light due to double refraction property. Let’s just skip this science. This will be too much to learn in one day :p All you need to know is that a moissanite sparkles more on any day than a diamond would. 

Weight; something we all are worried about

Weight is very important, whether we are talking about humans or stones. Always the game changer, bro, always! Diamonds are heavier in weight, which depicts a stronger outlook of the stone. Moissanites are much lighter in weight. You can decide here easily. Do you want to impress your girl with a heavy stone or the lighter one? I believe, most of the girls will long to have a durable and tough stone in their ring which they want to wear their whole life. In Muggle words, a heavy ring can be a winner for some of us.

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Decision- only YOU can make

This discussion might be a huge help towards the decision about moissanite being a good alternative of diamond or not. Moissanites costs way less than diamonds. Do you want to propose your girl with a less expensive stone? Do you want her to weight the sentimental value more than the monetary value? Well, again, It is all about what you believe in but actually is all about what your woman believes in or what clicks with her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the mix and match of monetary values with sentimental values. But you have got to see for clues which tells you her inclination! Simple ;)

Moissanites are different from diamonds. It can never be said that they are comparable to diamonds. But we can easily say that they are the nearest best alternative to diamond. the decision about the stone will stay with you for your whole life, like your girl. So choose wisely!

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