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Is Moissanite a Good Diamond Substitute?

While this might be news to you but having a girlfriend was much easier than what comes next. Choosing an engagement ring! The engagement ring stays with your girl forever. The gem of the ring is like the heart in you. As without heart, the body is unconscious. Just like this, without the proper gem, the ring will lose the charisma. So no chance should be taken there! Diamond is mostly the choice of the majority of people. But hang on! There can be other beautiful options besides diamonds as well. Amongst all other alternatives, moissanite is trending. But of course, you already have a hint about that and so you have landed here! Common sense, haha! Now, let me take you to the different tunnels and caves to unveil you the facts from the lands of moissanite. Buckle up!

Is Moissanite a Good Diamond Substitute?

Moissanites Shine Bright like a Diamond

The sparkle of a diamond is something to die for. We all die for the bright gems in the engagement ring. But do you know what does sparkle do for your girl? Does she like a hint of sparkle or a strong glint? Or who is to say, maybe she is the queen of minimalism and likes no sparkle at all. The famous rule is that almost every girl wants her ring to leave a sparkle even from a mile away. So, one thing is decided, the sparkle is a must for most girls. Moissanites have a jaw-dropping sparkle. Even, the lab-created moissanite have more sparkle than diamonds. Know all of that and much more, below.

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Will Moissanite Look Old after Some Years?

The other worry about the engagement ring is that will it last longer? After all, your girl is going to wear it her whole life *fingers crossed*.  Moissanites will have the same sparkle and color even after +99 years. You can save it and pass it to your next generations as well. Moissanites rings will prove to be perfect heirlooms. While I have you here on it, you might want to add this line too while proposing her. The idea of growing a family with her, precious! 

The Breakage of Moissanites Is Analogous to Diamonds

The probability of breaking a diamond is the same as that of any gem, even a diamond. If the ring will not be taken care of and put under pressure, it will break. Any gem will break under pressure. I can safely tell you that moissanite can prove to be durable if taken care of. Also, the hardness of moissanite is nearly equal to that of diamonds.

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Cleanliness Is Half the Faith; Also Applies to Moissanite Rings

The dirt from the environment and oil from the skin can fade the brightness of the stone. The ring must be cleaned regularly to keep it’s essence alive and on top of its game! Good news? Cleaning is very simple. If the ring is washed in warm water using a mild soap, it can make the ring free of dirt and oils. You can either do this yourself or pass on the valuable and oh-he-cares-so-much-about-little-things information to your girl. That’s what we call a win-win ;)

Final Verdict

Moissanites pass all the exams which are necessary to qualify to get an appointment as the engagement ring. Although, the experts can differentiate between the diamond and moissanite in a glance. But still, most of the people cannot differentiate between the two stones even after a detailed examination. Hence, you can safely opt for it as a substitute for diamonds. If it does the magic for you, sure, why not.

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