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How Can You Tell a Diamond from a Moissanite?

Differentiating a diamond from moissanite is quite a task, believe me. And you know what is easy? Getting betrayed for an absolutely false diamond. An amateur in gems can easily fall in the trap of diamonds. Sounds a lovely trap though :p but it’s not really the lovely one. If you are not a pro about gems, no need to worry. I am here to help you out. After reading this masterpiece, you can call yourself a pro too. You will be able to differentiate between a diamond and moissanite at first sight; just like you fell in love with your girl at first sight and figured out that she is the one. Let’s walk together to learn about differentiating techniques. You will feel like a detective of the FBI.


More brilliant; surely a moissanite

Diamond has a specific intensity of brilliance. If you feel the stone to be too much sparky and brilliant, its definitely a moissanite. Also, a moissanite has a double refraction property. Let me crack the code for you. If you see through the side or the top of the stone, you will see double facets from the opposite side.

How Can You Tell a Diamond from a Moissanite?

More fire; definitely a moissanite

If you are not aware of the fire effect, then let me crack it for you as well. Fire effect tells about the breakage of light after passing through the stone. The intensity of fire-y image tends to be stronger in case of moissanite. Diamond seems to be a calmer stone. No doubt why it is mostly a favorite.

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Less expensive; can never be a diamond

The beauty of diamonds lies in their expense and uniqueness. A moissanite is less costly than a diamond. If you're looking at two stones with apparent same size, cut, color and clarity, then the hefty one is the diamond. 

Tools and Tips to Identify a Moissanite

These basic differences might not be clear at the first sight. You have to be a little peaky to detect like an actual detector. Time to take out your microscopes as I will be telling some basic tools and tips to identify a moissanite.

  • Charles & Colvard’s model 590 is the tool which can differentiate between a diamond and a moissanite. The tool is absolutely reliable and is recommended.
  • Try an eye test to differentiate between a moissanite and a diamond. Pick up the stone near your eye. Take a penlight and direct its light towards the stone from the other side. If you see a rainbow-y effect from the stone, it is a moissanite. If you see single colored dots, it is a diamond. got any detective feels? You will surely get them while inspecting.

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