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How Can I Surprise My Girlfriend with Her Engagement Ring?

You’ve poured your heart out into finding her that perfect ring that she’ll say yes to. Who knows, later it might be passed down generations! It goes without saying then that you want the moment you present it to her to be nothing short of magical! :)

So, how can you surprise your girlfriend with her engagement ring? Stay put because as always, I got your back! :) Here are the considerations you’ll want to have in mind as you come up with the masterplan:

How Can I Surprise My Girlfriend with Her Engagement Ring?

What’s the Best Place?

To figure this one out, ask yourself what her favorite place to be is. Is she an outdoor junkie that loves trekking and nature in general? Is she more of an indoor person? Does she love swimming and being near water bodies? This would be the perfect spot to present that shiny symbol of your devotion to her! Why? Taking her to a place she loves already sets the mood and does a lot to help you make it a surprising and magical moment.

Her Personality; What Things Does She Care For? 

Is she an animal lover? Does she love flowers? This is your next tool in the plan. You’ll want to capture her soul by including a theme of something she cares about. If for example, she loves animals, you’ll want to enlist one in your mission. Find a way to have the ring “hidden” on it for her to find. Call this a surprise within a surprise! ;)

What’s the Right Time?

They say that “Timing is everything”, and I couldn’t agree more! Try to steer away from times like holidays, special dates, and vacations. Why? Those are the times she’d be expecting it. If you want to derive the most out of that aha moment, aim for the times that she’d least expect it! For example, an impromptu day out on a weekend or a routine dinner.

I have no doubt that the ring you picked out for her is so gorgeous and out of this world. That will certainly help with the surprise element. ;) Aaand…. you’re now ready to make her go:

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