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What Should I Look for When Buying a Diamond Solitaire?

For most of you boys, deciding the diamond for a solitaire ring turns out to be a challenging task. However, you can make it an enjoyable and memorable activity by going in the right direction. Keep in mind the basic 4 C’s while looking for a perfect diamond.

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat

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Well, without any more questions asked, this breakdown will be a huge help! Proven to help you land on a jaw-dropping diamond for your girlfriend. Cut, color, clarity, and carat weight will determine your choice. So, invest your time in searching for these. However, I have further made a breakdown for further clarity. Before reading it further, brainstorm a little and bring the likes and dislikes of her in your mind. And if you find this task also difficult, then you should start taking interest in her smallest happenings of life. The decision will become miraculously easy.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Diamond Solitaire?

No Idea about Cuts? Round Diamond Is Your Aladdin

Deciding for a particular cut is a crucial task, for those who have no prior knowledge. You can always search a little for the types of cuts, but if you still find yourself in an alley, then go for a round cut. They offer a very nice sparkle and are the best backup for an engagement ring.

Fancy Shapes; If You Plan to Go out of the Box

Besides a simple round cut, there are a dozen other cuts with different angles and geometric settings.

  • For a sleek and elegant design, an emerald and Asscher diamond is at your service.
  • A vintage touch can be given with a cushion diamond.
  • A princess diamond is all about contemporary beauty.

If her fingers are slender, go for a pear, oval or marquise shape. And if you are a die-hard romantic sort of guy, you can easily opt for a heart-shaped diamond. Here, keep in mind if your girl is the same sort of romantic and likes to stay in the cheesy (as they say) clan forever.

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The Size of the Diamond; The Key to a Perfect Ring

Have you ever noticed what kind of rings your girlfriend wears? Do they have bigger gems or smaller ones? A little deeper analysis in this regard can help you decide the size of the diamond. If she likes to flaunt more, go for a bigger size. If she is the one who prefers to stay minimal in everything, let the diamond be a smaller one. Remember the carat I was talking about in the C’s of a diamond; it also depends on the size.

Diamond Has Colors; Did You Know That Before?

Diamonds are not only colorless! If you have an eye, you will notice that diamonds have various colors. And by eye, I mean THE EYE which notices differences. Like if you can notice the different shades of your girlfriend’s lip colors, you might notice the colors of diamonds as well. Well, they usually say that an untrained eye cannot detect the color. As per my experience, girls do not fall in that untrained category. They have a big sense of catching the colors. So, never take this pat easy.

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The Clarity of the Diamond; Game Changer

While choosing a diamond for your solitaire engagement ring always look for the one that’s “clean.” By clean I mean, when you look at it through the naked eye, there should be no visible blemishes or inclusions. The more you pay the more flawless (hence “clean”) diamond you are going to get. So, aim for a highly graded diamond and win her heart one more time! And, of course, everyone else’s in her friends and family for your detail to attention oozing choice. Believe me, these things matter!

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