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Are Solitaire Engagement Rings More Expensive?

While you might wonder, are solitaire engagement rings more expensive? I can give you another considerable thought. Is your engagement any less than the most important event of your whole life? I bet not. Then trust me your choice for a solitaire engagement ring is WORTH it, by all means.

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So much so that as it’s said, “The secret to a happy marriage, remains a secret.” Who knows you might just be able to unlock the Level 1 of this secret happy tunnel with your ring decision. *fingers crossed*

Are Solitaire Engagement Rings More Expensive?

A solitaire engagement ring is the one with a single diamond. Other rings tend to have more diamond entities in them. Yet, solitaire rings are expensive. Your math will definitely fail here. A solitaire ring with a 50-carat size costs far more than the one with 5 diamonds of 10-carat weight each. All that, and still WORTH IT!

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The One Stone Is the One Which Is Pricey

Solitaire rings are classy and have no match. Just like your girlfriend. You can never think of losing her at any cost. The same goes for a solitaire ring. The class it possesses cannot be seen in other rings. A solitaire ring leaves an irresistible charm, even on the most inconvenient women. The price you pay for that charm is just nothing. The demand for a solitaire rings, by almost maximum of engagement candidates, is seen from the start. The full-fledged stone, the single-piece, is the most valuable thing in the ring. Whatever you invest, is definitely worth it.

The 4C’s makes it expensive

What makes the solitaire ring the most expensive? These 4 C’s:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat

When you dig a little deeper, you will get the answer. A solitaire ring comes in different grades with respect to these factors. The higher the grade is, the expensive the ring will go.

A diamond, with a unique color, other than white, will cost more. You will get to know the worth of it when your girl will flaunt the ring color in front of everyone. The more angular and geometrical the cut is, the more heft pricing you have to pay. A sparkling and dazzling cut will overcome any price you pay. The more you can see inside of the diamond, the more clarity it will have, hence more money. And lastly, the bigger the size of the diamond is, the bigger will be the pillion of money. SPOILER ALERT: Ultimate happiness level unlock, begins here!

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The Price Is the Worth

No wonder, buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest purchase decisions of your life. It is no secret that different brands offer different prices for a solitaire engagement ring. If you are the kind of person who wants a flawless engagement with the classic solitaire engagement ring in the picture then our collection is going to be your savior. Whatever you invest in a solitaire ring, it will be worth it. While some brands may seem expensive and others cheap. The price doesn’t really count for anyone who is focused on making everything right for the biggest day of his life! Every day, you will wake up with the ring in a beautiful finger, you will cherish your decision. For waking up every day with your girl, you have to be convincing. And no ring can be more convincing than a solitaire ring. With our exclusive designs, you are sure going to win the best fiancé badge in no time! After all, every girl likes to be exclusive and own everything that is exclusive! No exceptions there. Hence, the price is totally worth it. 

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