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Does the Carat of a Diamond Affect the Size?

Is it the carat or size you should be focusing on when selecting that diamond? Your question is more specifically whether the carat of a diamond affects the size.


Does the Carat of a Diamond Affect the Size?

The quick answer to this question is….. yes and no! :) How now, you ask? Carat is the weight of your diamond. The higher the carat, the heavier the diamond and possibly, the larger. But besides the weight of your stone, you'll want to consider the spread. This is the mm dimensions of the face (table) of the stone, which determines its size when you look at it from the top. Are we still talking about diamonds or did we switch to tables, you wonder? ;), I got your back!


Parts of a diamond

Because the table is the part of the stone that is visible in the ring, it’s just as important as the weight. This is because stones can have different shapes and be cut in different ways. Two stones with the same weight may have a different spread (size).
In summary, carat does affect the size of a diamond but insignificantly. It should thus not be the only consideration when looking for your perfect diamond. There you go! ;)



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