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Is It Better to Have a Bigger Diamond or Better Quality?

Like many things in life, we have to consider tradeoffs when selecting a diamond. Two of the most common things to think about is carat weight vs quality. Is it better to have a bigger diamond or better quality?

Is It Better to Have a Bigger Diamond or Better Quality?

Over the years, we’ve been made to think that the bigger the better but it’s not always so! What do I mean? More often than not, diamond cutters focus on the diamond carat size at the expense of quality. Among the factors that determine a diamond’s quality is the color and clarity. These depend on how well the stone is cut. What more, if a diamond is big but with inferior color and clarity the flaws will be more noticeable!

With this in mind, it’d be up to you as a diamond consumer to decide what you’re looking for in that perfect stone. Are you more about beauty? Are you after a rock no matter its light return and sparkle? You have all the cards on the table now so...what will it be?

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