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Are There Different Grades For Moissanite?

Having an amazing woman with a wife's attributes by your side will make your life blossom with joy. But, getting such a woman is not as easy as you think. Thus once you get the right woman for you, make her yours forever. You can do this by proposing to her and give her an engagement ring. Most men get confused about the ring they should give to their woman since they want it to be breathtaking. Most of the time, they get caught in a dilemma to choose among the different grades for moissanite.

Do you want to make your woman feel unique? Give her a moissanite ring. Giving her a moissanite ring will make her outstanding among other women. It is because the ring is rare to find. The ring will symbolize how rare it is to find such a woman and how special she means to you. Choose a grade that will have the best effect.

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Here is how a wealthy businessman gave the perfect moissanite engagement ring:

“The day I proposed to my wife was the best day of her life. She felt delighted and cherished due to many reasons. One of the primary reasons was that she was going to marry the man of her dreams. The other reason was the ring I gave her. She had married friends with beautiful diamond rings. Naturally, she would want something equally beautiful or better. She wanted to experience the joy her friends felt.

“Thus I wanted to surprise her and give her the best and make her feel proud. I went and bought a forever one moissanite ring. Even though it was expensive, I knew it would be worth it. When I gave it to her, she melted at the sight of it. She had never seen anything like that before. When she wore it, she looked like a goddess, and it made her feel unique. She went and showed off to her friends, and they could see the unmistakable beauty. Since that day, my wife always showed me more love and passion than before. Thanks to the thoughtful choice of engagement ring.”

Are There Different Grades For Moissanite?

Qualities of Moissanite Ring

These are some of moissanite ring qualities that will make you want to buy it for your astonishing woman. The businessman, of course, considered them and they are as follows:


One of the characteristics of a moissanite ring is brilliance. Brilliance is the ability of the stone to reflect the white light. Moissanite reflects this white light better than diamond, especially colorless moissanite. Such a ring for your babe will make her shine among all the other women. It will reflect the light in your relationship with your woman. Its brilliance makes it an ideal alternative to a diamond ring. The colorless forever moissanite will make her sparkle. Thus if you want to bring light, joy, and happiness in your relationship, give her a moissanite ring. It is a valid symbol of such good qualities.


Most rings, including diamond rings, do not have the same clarity as the moissanite ring. When you look at most of the rings, you can see their inclusions; hence they are visible to the unaided eye. Due to this, it makes the rings to fall a little short when it comes to clarity. But, for the moissanite ring, its inclusions are invisible to the bare eye. Thus making it have a high degree of clarity. Giving your better half this ring will symbolize how pure the love you share is. You will make her feel perfect, which she is since she is the perfect woman for you. She will feel appreciated, and the ring will fuel her love for you. Such a high degree of clarity makes moissanite the best ring you can give when proposing. The businessman above confirms it.

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There is nothing that makes women mad than to have a scratched ring. Some rings break or get scratches over time when you do not take good care of them. This is often the case with cheap rings with lousy quality. The moissanite ring comes in handy if you want to avoid such embarrassment. If you are looking for durability, you will find it in moissanite. It is resistant to scratching, heat, and breaking or chipping. When you give your woman, it will symbolize how strong she and your relationship is. It will signify that nothing or no one can bring your relationship down. Hence it will be there to last forever. Making your woman feel like this will make her stand by your side in good and bad times. What better way to show it than with a durable moissanite ring?

The Different Grades of Moissanite

Are There Different Grades For Moissanite?

Don't get confused about which grade of moissanite to choose. All moissanite rings have the same brilliance, fire, durability, clarity, and quality. The only difference is the color hence having different grades of moissanite. Different grades are depending on the color they have. They include the forever one colorless, the forever classic, and forever brilliant.

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Forever One Colorless

Forever one colorless has D-E-F color grading. According to the GIA standards, the moissanite is colorless. If you want to show your better half how transparent you will be to her, give her a forever one ring. It will make her even trust you more, making your relationship one that most people admire. The businessman in the above narration knew that.

Forever Classic

Forever classic moissanite has J-K color grading. It lies in the range of near-colorless and faint yellow. It means that the moissanite appears quite yellowish, signifying warmth. Giving your woman this type of ring will make her feel your warmth. She will know that you will be there to make her feel better whenever she is down.

Forever Brilliant

Forever brilliant ranks under color grading of G-H-I. It is close to being colorless but not as forever one. It does not have any yellowish appearance like forever classic. It achieves a middle ground. When you give your woman this ring, she will feel that you will be in control. It shows how you will keep your cool amidst any turmoil that may arise in your relationship. You will become her protector, especially in the time of storms.

Proposing to your better half with a moissanite ring rejuvenates your relationship. Give your woman one of these grades to show her how much she means to you, and you won't regret it.

Sources: Gema And Co., McFarlan Designs

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  • Hi FRUSTRATED, Silicon carbide (SiC), also known as carborundum (/ˌkɑːrbəˈrʌndəm/), is a hard chemical compound containing silicon and carbon. A semiconductor, it occurs in nature as the extremely rare mineral moissanite, but has been mass-produced as a powder and crystal since 1893 for use as an abrasive. The way they form it into moissanite is by putting these materials under extremely high pressure and temperature for weeks if not months to form them. They do this because this is the way diamonds, moissanite and other stones get formed in the heart of earth. So all this aside, everyday there’s newer technology, factories, ways and means of producing moissanite. So there’s many labs that make moissanite and their qualities are different but not to the point where it would really matter for the customers. Because after the hardness of them pass a certain point, they’re just super hard and nothing would happen on them even after hundreds of thousands of years…. So if you want moissanite, either focus on getting it from the brand that you like, or find the cheapest place. 💖


  • Great, I also think the brilliant cut is the better choice. It’s all right we can still design this exact ring for you. 😊
    There’s Three technical things that you should know, which I try to put in the simplest terms for you to pick up. 👍

    First: The shape and facets of moissanite cuts are different from diamond cuts.

    Second: A 10mmx12mm radiant cut diamond is around 6.79 carat in weight. And a 10mmx12mm radiant cut moissanite is 8 carat in weight. Moissanite and diamond mass are different, so even the exact same dimension size of two the stones do not equal in weight. That’s why when I checked our inventory for a 10mmx12mm I saw that no matter what color moissanite radiant cut you want, they weigh 8 carats all.

    Diamond weighs about 15% more than moissanite. 10mmx12mm is the size of the table. But the size of other parts of the diamonds are different, so each diamond has a unique weight even if their table looks the exact same size. (I assume that’s why you came up with the 10mmx12mm, with a 6 or 6. 2 carat ) The other parts of the diamonds can have different sizes which affect the weight. But it’s especially true about diamonds since their cuts are almost all unique.

    So what about radiant cut moissanite then you’d ask? Compared to diamonds, radiant cut moissanite has a bigger pavilion to maximize the sparkle. Moissanite cuts are universal since they’re created and cut in the lab. So a 10mmx12mm radiant cut moissanite ends up to be 8 carat.

    Stone Parts.jpg

    Third: No matter what color radiant cut moissanite you want, be it red, blue, D(clear), green or canary yellow, the cuts and wights are universal. And they’re only cut in preset dimensions. That means unlide diamonds, moissanite gets cut only on certain dimensions. No matter what color radiant cut you want, the top three biggest are 5 carat, 8 carat or 10 carat. With that said a 6, 620 or 650 carat radiant cut moissanite does not exist universally in any color category at all whatsoever.

    My recommendation: If you want your ring to be in the same shape as the photo you sent me, then what you should consider as your main target should be the size and dimension, not the weight. With that said, an 8 carat moissanite meets your exact expectation of the size since it’s 10mmx12mm as you want it in the first place. So you know that it’s not any smaller or bigger than your original picture. 😊

    How soon do you want it?

  • That is the only photo I have, a 6.20 or a 6.50 would be preferable and brilliant cut. Thanks

  • A- Yes we can design this for you in white gold or platinum of course. Can you send me more pics of this ring if available? If we see it from different angles we can design the exact same one for you.

    B- There’s only three big vivid canary yellow options available. They’re basically the most sparkly yellow stones on earth, with the highest quality stones possible, excellent cut and VVS clarity:
    1) 9mmx11mm = 5 carat
    2) 10mmx12mm = 8 carat
    3) 10×14mm = 10 carat

    C- For this design I’d recommend Brilliant cut. Because the table surface of brilliant cut sparkles more than Crushed Ice. If your choice of ring was a high set or could expose the pavilion of the stone, I would’ve recommended the Crushed Ice. The light reflects a lot from the body of a Crushed Ice compared to a Brilliant cut. I have to add that Crushed Ice looks unique and different since it’s not commonly and usually available. However you’re the decision maker and I’d be happy to make exactly what you would love the most.


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