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Can You Wear 14k and 18k Gold Together?

Have you been wondering if 14k and 18k gold can be worn together? 🤔 This can be an important aspect to consider if you're going to have a separate wedding ring! 💍why is that? Read on and you'll find out! 😊 Your partner is going to be impressed that you thought this deep! 🥳


14k Yellow Gold


🌟 18K Gold Durability & Purity VS 14K 🌟

Just know them - The Basics

Though it might sound boring, some technical information goes a long way! How? Well you get to make an informed decision. Secondly, we all know it does sound sexy when you drop in some informational facts then and now.

Now, now, I won’t keep you here for long. Just a quick tour down to the basics land would do!


How will you recognize 14k gold? 🤔. Mostly, it is labeled as 14k, 14Kt, 14ct, 14k. Sometimes, it might even be labeled as 583, 0.583 or 58.3%. 😊


How will you recognize 18k gold? It will be labeled as 18k, 18Kt, 18ct, 18k most of the time.. while, in some other places, it can be labeled as 750, 0.75 or 75%.

That’s all you need to know, for now!

Can You Wear 14k and 18k Gold Together?

🌟  Can you mix 14K and 18K Gold rings? 🌟

Let’s hear it from Nancy;

So, Nancy has her Three Stone engagement ring in 14K and her wedding ring in 18K. Her wedding ring sits higher than her engagement ring.

The only trouble Nancy has is that her 14K Three Stone bang with her 18k wedding ring. This is the only reason she feels a bit concerned wearing them together.

What Are You Doing Reaction GIF

🌟 14K vs 18K White Gold 🌟

Let’s hear it from Rachel;

When I asked Rachel how she felt about wearing these together, she had a brief laughing moment. See, Rachel is quite a workaholic and she has been married for 3 years.


14k White Gold


For two years now, she has been wearing her white gold 14K engagement ring and 18K wedding band together! And she says she didn’t even notice the difference between the karats until recently! Of course if you go with white gold the chances are very high that it's been plated by rhodium. So 14K and 18K look the same when they're plated. 


14K White Gold VS 18K White Gold


🌟 What's the difference between 14K and 18K Gold? 🌟

Why is gold even mixed up with other metals? That's because gold is too soft to be used as a metal for a ring on its own. 😕 Adding metals to gold makes it more durable and long lasting! Just as adding the right consistency of butter turns cookie dough into cookies!


14k Rose gold


  • The main difference is that 18k gold is definitely more pure but 14k is more durable.
  • The second big difference is their color. As 18k gold tends to have more of a "golden" color, in comparison to 14k gold.
    As I mentioned above you can find the color difference between 14K & 18K yellow gold and 14K & 18K rose gold only. The higher the karat the more pure the color and material.
  • Another factor that makes 18K different from 14K is price. 18k gold is more expensive than 14k gold, as well! 😊You can explore a few options here.


14K Rose Gold VS 18K Rose Gold


🌟 Should you wear 14K and 18K Gold together? 🌟

Take it from Nancy and Rachel, it totally depends on your girl that if she would mind these minor issues or not. 😊

Most people feel that there might be a little color difference if you wear 14K and 18K rose gold or yellow gold together. 

However, most people don't have a problem with it! If your girl notices little things in everything, then this might not be something that she would like.



Other than that, 18k gold may tarnish while 14k gold lasts a little longer. But if they're rhodium plated they'd resist tarnishing.

The 14k ring might scratch the 18k one and make it's original lifetime even more shorter! 😕

And like I said, it really depends on your girl! If she is very peculiar about her jewelry, then perhaps wearing them together is not a good option!


14K Yellow Gold VS 18K Yellow Gold


Which is better, 14k or 18k gold?

The thing is that you might get some jewelry as gifts. So you might not have total control over choosing your favorite gold karat.

Let's say you can choose the right gold for you but you don't know what to choose and how to wear them. If you like to go with the better options then go with 18K gold. If durability is important then 14K is the right choice for you. 



If you care about having everything set, then choose the one that would satisfy you the most. You can wear both 14K and 18K together no matter what color they are. But it all comes back to your personal preference and your style.

You can sometimes mix and match them together. Or sometimes only stack up the same karats together. I see some people wear rose gold on one hand and white or yellow gold on the other hand. Just make sure you're not rubbing them on each other to prevent any possible scratch.



Get Yours Today + HUGE Bonus

Now that you know what to wear and what not to wear, go ahead and find the ring or jewelry that you love the most. We have every color and karat you can imagine. Or if it's not available we can customize or make you one which you'd love the most. 




Here's the HUGE bonus. The fact is that your jewelry may get scratched overtime. Normally you'd pay anywhere around $70-$300 to re-plate and polish your jewelry. This is done to bring back the shine to your jewelry and make it look like a new one again. But we do these services every 12 months or more for free for you.



We have a lifetime warranty with a lot of free benefits for all of our customers. Just send us the ring, we'll renew it for you. This means you'll always have shiny jewelry forever no matter how you wear them or what you wear them with. 😃 Find more information on any product page in the "Warranty" section.


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