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What Metal Are Engagement Rings Made Of?

Looking for the right metal to make your engagement ring complete just like that one person completes you? 😉

Congratulations because you're at the right place!  All of your questions will be answered by me. Just take a look at this guide. 😎

What Metal Are Engagement Rings Made Of?

When it comes to gemstones, you might have had a hard time with them due to all the grading scales etc.! 😕 Well, I have some good news for you! The process of choosing the perfect metal for your amazing gemstone isn't that complicated at all!  Have you been wondering what metal engagement rings are made of? 🤔. Well, there are a few! Let's talk about it. 😊

☕ Are You Ready for the Tea? ☕

You need to know that it's just as important to find the perfect metal for your ring as it is to find the gemstone! 😊

Let me put it this way. Imagine your girl wearing a sleek satin slip dress for your date night paired with her lace up trainers. Something doesn’t add up here, right? Only some high heels can do justice with that dress!

Same is the case with your engagement ring band. Paired with the right gemstone, the metal of an engagement ring then symbolizes your love and commitment to your relationship!

When you're going to choose the perfect metal for your girl, make sure to take her preference into consideration.😊 Psst.. maybe this quick quiz can be your savior! ;)

⭐ Platinum ⭐

Platinum is one of the most stunning metals to choose for your engagement ring! 💍Would you want a phone cover that is waterproof or not? Of course, the waterproof one!

Similarly, Platinum is the most durable metal out of all! If you've already chosen a beautiful diamond for your partner, then this amazing metal will be the perfect choice.  🤩

It's appeal is more on the cool side with a lot of shine! ✨

Let's move on to one of the most important questions about this metal. Is it durable? 🤔

Yes, It is as durable as your love for her. So definitely this makes it quite a secure ring. 💍

If your lover is a workaholic and has no time to take care of things that much, this is the best option! ☕

In comparison to gold, it's a much more famous and rarer option. 🥳.

⭐ Gold ⭐

So, we have all grown up watching these Disney movies. With all the princesses, queens and castles and GOLD, of course!

But guess what? Gold is a little more complicated than just that!

So for the most important buying decision of your life, here are a few things you should know about gold.

Let’s see, have you ever baked a cake? Can you just place the baking mix in the oven and get it done with? 🤔 No! You will need to add other ingredients to make it to the perfect consistency - that can be baked.  🎂

Just like that pure gold is too soft to be used as a metal of a ring so it's mixed with other metals to make it strong enough. Now why do you need to know these technical basics? 🤯

This is because you will find many mixtures of gold when you hit that road! And they will be named in ways like - 22k gold, 18k gold and so on.

Just remember that Pure gold is always 24k so the rest of these types are being mixed up with other metals like silver, copper, nickel etc. ✨

These different names will also help you identify the color and shade of the gold; for example, 22k gold would be very golden! ☕

✨ Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has been quite on top of the “popularity” charts, lately. 😊 For any chance, if your girl follows #trends, she would love to have a yellow gold metal ring. 😉

It certainly is a timeless beauty. But mainly because it is super versatile and almost any gemstone can be paired with it. 💟 That’s why more people are now choosing.

Other than that, yellow gold is much easier to maintain than white gold. How? Read on and you will unlock that mystery level below.

✨ White Gold

Okay, so as quite evident from its name, white gold is definitely the opposite of the yellow gold! It's very silvery and icy.

This, my friend, makes it a great metal to pair with a diamond as they both have similar coloring. 😊

However, it has to be re-plated after a few years down the line, when the reflective appearance wears off. 

Think of it as you only like the cake because the icing looks super delicious. So maybe you whip up some extra icing to enjoy that taste, yeah?

✨ Rose Gold

 There's just something about rose gold that's very feminine and classic. 😉 If you're choosing a ring out for your girl, this is definitely an awesome option. 🥰 

Women tend to love phenomenal jewelry and if anything, rose gold is quite the charmer! The warm hues of pink and yellow just make it the most romantic option out of the rest! 💟

✨ Green Gold

Let’s see if your partner is always saying “Let’s eat at this new place, or how the new pizza place looks awesome.” Here’s your clue to choose green gold!

For starters, it's absolutely stunning, I mean look at how magical it looks! 🤩

Secondly, wouldn’t the love of your life adore how you got them so unique and different? Keep their stories coming!

A close-up e-ring shot at Insta or Reddit and they can spend days pouring in stories. What is this metal? It looks so different. Something I have never seen before.

Your One Perfect Setting- Does Exist!

You know how it is said that “Knowledge is power,” now that you know different types of metals that engagement rings are made of, you are SO close!

Just like your perfect love story came into being, your perfect engagement ring setting also exists! 😁

While picking one, just keep in mind what’s your partner’s style statement, that’s your clue. 🤩

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Reference: Jewelry Wise


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