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Different Types of Halo Engagement Rings

Since engagement rings come with a bigger responsibility, then you might also feel to make sure that it comes with a bigger stone as well! No? 🤔 This is what a Halo engagement ring signifies - a bigger diamond appeal.

Well, it depends! For some of us girls out there, the bigger the stone, the more beautiful it is! While some of us like medium-sized stones, and do not want things to be more refined, and customary.❤️ To make the right choice, you need to know the different types of halo engagement rings!

Halo - The Queen of the engagement rings 👑

 The quick tour down the history lane - Halo is one of the most famous engagement ring designs. It dates back to the 1920s when it made its first appearance and became a sweet-heart for all those girls out there waiting to be proposed.

Halo engagement rings come in different types, each beautiful in its own way.💯

You can have a single halo, or a double halo, or even a triple halo engagement ring. With adding each halo, the ring and the stone look bigger and bigger than before. You can go for the triple halo style to make your ring (or your partner’s ring) look bigger in size.

After all, the bigger, the better! 💎💟💎

1.  Halo - Epitome of delicacy!

A diamond ring with a single halo setting might look delicate if your girl does not want an oversized ring.

You can add different stones on the sides, or smaller diamonds, because diamonds are never enough! ♦️

2.  Hidden Halo - The secret glamour!

She loves surprises? Perhaps a bunch of chocolates hidden underneath a beautiful rose bouquet. Ah, the perfect surprise ever! A hidden halo engagement ring could be your perfect choice then! 😍

A hidden halo also goes by as an innovative take on the classic halo setting. 💍💍 Imagine it as a diamond sitting on a beautiful halo underneath. Why choose a hidden halo setting? Well it makes the diamond or any center stone look at least 15% larger.

Especially if your girl loves a blend of metals mixed in one jewelry piece, you’re in luck! A hidden halo engagement ring can be a blend of ring metals without looking tacky. Woah!

3.  Double Halo engagement ring

A double halo ring is something that’s between not too big and not too small. After all, the sky's the limit! 😍

A double or triple Halo ring can increase the size of the center diamond by half a carat. But make sure that the halos don't cover the beauty of your stone. Your stone needs to stand out from the halo settings.💍💍

Beth and her Paved Halo engagement ring!

My high school friend, Beth, when she showed us her triple Halo engagement ring with a pave shank, we couldn’t help but admire that masterpiece. ♥️

It had a split shank, with two narrower bands. She later mentioned how she and her partner looked for over 2 weeks for the best ring, and finally found the engagement ring of their dreams! 💫

Well, the engagement ring of her dreams. 😉

But either way, they were happy with their choice, and the stone in the middle was totally enhanced by the triple halo design. ❤️

Look out for them details!

Every beautiful Halo ring comes with different types. There are various designs, shanks, crown, setting style of the stone, and prongs. You can customize your ring according to your liking and still enjoy the Halo ring.💁‍♀️

If your ring shank is covered with smaller stones, in the Halo setting, it will add up to its beauty.

The shape and size of the shank also matter. If you prefer something not-so-sparkly, keep the shank simple.

Most women like the shank full or half-covered, with the smaller stones. So if your girl likes more bling, add more bling. ✨ ✨

The matter of the metal!

When making a decision, you’ll learn that every halo ring has a different kind of metal to offer.

The most common metal is white gold or platinum, but as you do your research, you will learn that yellow gold is not a bad option either.

If you are a fan of famous ones, go for rose gold!

In fact, it complements the diamond in between and enhances its beauty to 3x.💎

It’s a (Pave) Wrap!

As the setting of the stone, crown, different prongs style, compliments different kinds of Halo rings, so does Pave Wrap.

The pave wrap engagement rings are definitely for those who prefer a little more stones on the ring than usual.

A noticeable amount of shank is left empty in a pave wrapping the halo ring. The science behind is so that the size of the ring can be altered later on if needed.

It can have a narrow split shank covered with smaller stones, to add to the beauty of the ring. It certainly makes the diamond in-between look more decent.💟

Fun fact; Pave wrap is not a type of halo ring, but it looks like a similar thing. That is why people usually mistakenly take pave wrapped rings as Halo rings. As it does the same thing - add more bling to the ring! More focus on the centre diamond with a bunch of teeny-tiny blingy fellows on sides. 💍👈 


Is your McDreamy man trying to buy the perfect ring for you? Have you two decided to go on the uber quest for bling together?

Drop hints if you can! Share a similar picture, or walk him through the shop and casually mention how you always wanted a Halo engagement ring for yourself. Just so you know to make his mind!

Mention why you absolutely love it and how it makes the ring look bigger, more beautiful, and more precious. ✨

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