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Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Hacks

Men planning to propose to their fiancé are among the MOST courageous people on earth. Engagement is a risky affair as you put your emotions and feelings in line. Apart from grappling with whether you will get a clean bill of love, you worry about getting it right. One of the best ways to improve your chances is to ensure you impress the girl. A diamond engagement ring is one of the ways to a lady’s heart.

You want to find the best diamond ring out there. The expensive price tag doesn't faze you because the perfect diamond is worth every dime. The unending metals, patterns, details and shade choices, make it complicated. Choosing an engagement ring then becomes a confusing undertaking.

So how will you do it? Lucky for you, there are tricks and some nuanced specifications to consider. Here are some expert hacks of buying a diamond engagement ring. 

Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Hacks

1. Expect to Pay Top Dollar for Perfection 

Prices for a perfect cut D color flawless 1.00-carat diamond range between $30,000 to $45,000. If it increases to 2 carat, expect to pay more. Remember, every dollar is worth it. No money can compare to your bride's look when she finally gets to wear this beautiful Diamond ring.

2. More Facets Are Not Equal to “more Expensive”

The most desirable and the costliest of all shapes are the round brilliant cuts. The number of facets is not related to the cost of the diamond ring. A radiant cut diamond ( 72 facets ) will cost less than the round brilliant cut diamond(58 facets). This will be so, even if the two diamonds are similar when it comes to all the other quality measures. 

3. A Perfect White Diamond Shouldn’t Be Your Only Option

The D color is very precious, but a round brilliant J color will still look white to the naked eye. A diamond of K color will still look white. Clarity lies on a scale between D and Z. Those from D to F are under colorless while G to J are almost colorless. Those from K to M are a little tinted while N to R are under very light yellow. Finally, those from S to Z are under light yellow to yellow. 

4. Choose Shapes That Make the Diamond Ring Look Bigger

A bigger looking diamond could also be your preferred option. It could be that your lady loves big jewelry that stands out. There is no better way for her to stand out than with the perfect engagement ring. Consider the marquise, pear shapes, and the oval cuts. These shapes look larger than round diamonds of similar size. You can choose a diamond ring that has a halo of small diamonds. It will make the center diamond stand out and look more prominent.

5. Forget the Trends

Your choice of engagement ring should be timeless. A classic symbol of your love that will last for eternity. Forget what the Kardashians or any other famous woman has and that it is trending. Find the diamond that will be the perfect match for your fiancé. Go through her jewelry box and find something that will suit her style. Find out if they are subtle with their jewelry or love statement pieces that make them stand out. Take cues from her current style of jewelry. You can then pick the best piece for her, which she will wear every day for the rest of her live. A constant reminder of your love for her.

6. Ignore the Go Big or Go Home Mantra

Yes, you have the money to buy the biggest diamond out there. But, go big or go home should not be your mantra unless your fiancée loves big jewelry. Weigh your options. If you want more emphasis on size and less on color and clarity, then make your choice. Besides a showy ring is too ostentatious and considered more of a show of “bling” and not a show of personal style. Personal style is more important because it shows off good taste. Your significant other's great taste should receive compliments.

Buying a diamond ring for the love of your life shouldn't stress you once you have learned about the above hacks. You will be able to get her something she will always treasure for the rest of her life.


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