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What Stone Looks Most like Diamond?

Let me ask you something, have you ever wondered if all the engagement rings you have ever seen around have diamonds in them? I bet you must have. Curiosity comes naturally and must I say, it’s a healthy brain exercise. Before you make the most important decision of your life and buy an engagement ring that is going to be a life-changer, you must know everything that roams around those corridors. And brother, one of them is you knowing what stone looks almost like a diamond!  

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Some of you must be of the view that oh, what’s to know! An engagement ring must have to come with a diamond. It should have the sparkle, the shine, and can win any heart in a jiffy. Well, I hate to be the dream slayer but that’s not the case. Spoiler alert; while most of these stones will look like a diamond from afar but they have differed immensely in value, shape, and beauty of a diamond! This is not just it! There are a lot more other things about cut, carat size, and shapes.

The stone in your engagement ring does the entire magic! So, guess what? I am going to help you navigate to the land of informed decisions. Aye, welcome abode!

What Stone Looks Most like Diamond?

Moissanite – the Closest One in Diamond Lookalikes List

It won’t be wrong to say that a Moissanite gives more or less the same appeal of a diamond as anyone with a Polyjuice potion from Harry Potter would do! Another fun fact; the commercial moissanite, which is whipped up in a laboratory is a rather more famous and closest look-alike to diamond. However, if you have the eye for it, you can spot one major difference! Moissanite is around 30% more refractive as compared to a diamond! In Muggle's words, they sparkle more. And we all know a little sparkle never hurts anyone. So if your girl often picks up the shiniest things while shopping, that’s your hint!

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White Topaz –  the Translucent Alternative to Diamond 

If your girl is into the healing mantra kind of stuff, white topaz is also famous for having healing properties. Plus, you get a bonus point if you know that she has a deep interest in Zodiacs and gems. Boy oh boy, your proposal is going to be golden if you choose to go with a White Topaz if she shares these interests. But, I must tell you one drawback that comes with it. Over time a White Topaz sadly loses its brilliance, it mostly has to do with something we call as high maintenance. It loses its sparkles as the scratches take over its surface! So only go for it, if your girl has OCD and will keep her ring clean at all times. By all times, I mean, all the times there can be.   

Cubic Zirconia – the Synthetically Developed Diamond Lookalike

Although a Cubic Zirconia is an eye-catcher given its distinct and sharp aesthetics it has mixed reviews as it comes to “value.” Since, CZ is actually a lab-developed gem so you surely get a lot of room for different cuts, colors, and sizes. Now coming back to the part of the mixed reviews. Some find it highly appealing given its rainbow-colored sparkle and availability in different colors. While others might find it a drawback in not being able to love extravagantly. Bummer, eh?! Not really. You just have to see if your girl likes to go matching rings and jewelry gems while going out or she likes a neutral solid appeal. Take notes, there.    

White Sapphire – Another Diamond Lookalike

A white sapphire can also be mistaken as a diamond. They might have a lookalike diamond appearance but there’s a much noticeable twist! HOLD… Here it goes. A white sapphire does not always stay entirely colorless, in bigger diamond carat sizes that’s not hard to miss. So you might see some traces of milky or cloudy appeal! This happens once the stone in the ring gets dirty and looses refraction. So in short, white Sapphires do need a regular sparkling routine.

Goshenite – a Natural Diamond Lookalike

Though little known, it has been long used as a diamond alternative. Truth be told, it is said to be at 8/10 on a scale of hardness while a diamond is 10/10. It is scratch-resistant, so here’s one worrying thing off your list. But it doesn’t mean that you do the scratch test just to be sure. I would still say to keep a Goeshnite ring safe and clean in a separate space. However, if you zoom in on a Goshenite, you will see very little brilliance or fire as compared to diamonds. So, here’s a clue to buy the kind of ring that brings the right kind of fire to the table. Not just the table you propose your girlfriend at, I mean of course. But she has to spend a lifetime with this ring so choose wisely.  

Making the Right Choice

When it comes to making a buying decision in the realm of engagement rings, you really need to have an eye like the eye of Sauron, the all-seeing eye! While you can find many alternatives some natural, some synthetic, but they all mean different to different people. Without a doubt, the real diamond is only the one which is worth the money! The more you pay the best quality diamond you get. But, this notion simply shouldn’t stop you from exploring the different available and famous options. This way, even if you do land at a diamond or moissanite or the other stones, you will be pretty satisfied with your choice. My advice? Make the choice keeping in mind your girlfriend’s personality vibing it with each stone and what would it mean to her. Focus on sentimental value, monetary value or will she be rather impressed by both of these in one glass?! Happy to help!  

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