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Picking Out My Own Engagement Ring

Now I’m not Monica from Friends when it comes to dreaming and planning about my own engagement and wedding. I haven't kept a wedding planner binder or worked on it since my childhood. nuh-uh. 🙅

That would have been a little too extreme for me. But yes, like every girl my engagement was definitely going to be the MOST sentimental day of my life! 💟

So I had a couple of hopes too. I won’t say I was very ambitious about them. But yes, they existed. And I sensed his anxiousness when, Adam, my boyfriend finally but casually asked me to help him with the ‘engagement ring fiasco’. 💍

Imagine my excitement. He popped the question in a very efficient way while letting me choose the design of the ring? Wow. What a legendary guy, I thought.👏

Let me share with you the whole mind-blowing experience and e-day stages!💃

✨Behold- the Nervousness Begins!✨

So, knowing me and my uber pickiness when it comes to shopping. One thing was for certain - we were going to pick the ring together! So I accompanied him to different stores and looked at various designs. 💍💎

Some laughed at me with a smirk that said ‘Don’t even think about it!’ while some sighed ‘We’re all what you’ve got!’ But I wasn’t in a hurry nor was my boyfriend. 🥰

We discussed the budget and the styles I admire thoroughly. But it was getting a little frustrating and stressful. It almost felt like we were just going everywhere without any clue. 😐

Until we met our e-ring guiding angel - Clark, 👼he sensed my confusion. He measured my finger for ring size and asked me about what I liked.

✨My like-list confessions!✨

I told him anything besides a Halo and a Bezel. He showed us a few Cluster, Marquise cut diamond rings styles.♦️

I admit, I wanted a Pave style but I was scared that all those tiny diamonds around the band would look good on my finger or not. See, more confusions? 😕

So I dropped the idea until I found white gold band and settled on a Solitaire style. Clark suggested keeping a princess cut diamond in the center but I wanted a classic style half round Solitaire. 💎💍

We discussed a little more and my boyfriend asked me to now leave that to him! Funny guy, right? 🥺

I was excited and a little bit scared. What if he’ll choose the princess cut? I’m not that materialistic but that fear was real. We didn’t talk about the ring again and he kept pretending to be very busy. 👨‍💼

I dropped the idea entirely, thinking I said ‘Yes’ and now he knows I am going nowhere.

The heart that was jumping with excitement once was not excited at all then. The little girl inside who dreamed about a perfect proposal and perfect ring was sometimes drowning.🙍‍♀️

😌Oh But it Was Still a “Surprise”⚡

Last year in July my boyfriend and I went on our midsummer vacation in Italy, my little heart did brim over a bit and hoped for a proposal. But after spending almost two weeks there, the idea was lost in the beautiful architectural heritage of the country. 🌆

Until one fine evening while we were enjoying our gondola ride in Venice, I searched my bag for my cell phone. It wasn’t in there and bent over to look under our seat.

It was only when I looked up in worry to tell my boyfriend that I might have dropped my cell phone somewhere, I found him in a rather surprising position. 🥰

⚡The Big Romantic Gesture- There it Was!⚡

There he was, on his knees with a classic style half Solitaire diamond 💍 shining on a white band in his hands. What a remarkable day and I was surprised at how he managed to still keep it a surprise.⏳💌⏳

My advice - There’s no hard and fast rule to get engaged. It’s just a matter of understanding and calculating the matters beforehand. 💁Getting involved in the ring business only made me feel loved.

And I respect my fiancé for discussing it with me and letting me pick my ring. It only shows how much he cared about my decision and how he wanted to make me happy.

We’re both happy with the purchase we are super happy about how it ensures our happily ever after.🤵💌👰

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