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Does Moissanite Turn Yellow Over Time?

Let's say you wanna marry her. You don't propose every day, which is why getting her the best ring is essential. You may be wondering what precious stone you can give your woman. You don't need to give your woman diamond jewelry to be the greatest man. If you get the right moissanite jewelry from the right place, you know that they last as long as a diamond does and they'll never turn yellow or any other color.

And it works.

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You don't want a yellowish moissanite? One of the best you should give a try is Forever One Moissanite. There are different grades of Moissanite, depending on their colors. The colorless grades of moissanite that include D, E and F colors. They're the most sparkly stone choices on earth. 

Most people love this grade because it is pure colorless. It has a high level of sparkle, making it more attractive. It is the most expensive and for good reasons. One of the main reasons why the colorless grade of moissanite is so popular is that it does not have a yellow tint in it. And it's not supposed to change color at any time.

Does Moissanite Turn Yellow Over Time? 

Does Moissanite Turn Yellow over Time?

When buying a ring or jewelry in general, one thing most people show concern is the color change. No one wants jewelry that will change color from exposure to elements. Everyone wants a ring that will never lose its color over time. Cheap rings lose their color, but a great high-quality Moissanite will never lose its color.

Moissanite has very high degree of durability. Moissanite has gone through major strides in product quality and selection. Older Moissanite stones have yellow overtones to it. But, technology has helped in the creation of high-quality colorless Moissanite stones. Most gemstones lose their color when exposed to extreme temperatures or pressure.

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Moissanite rings can have some temporary color variations. It is because of certain lighting conditions and different viewing angles. Thus there may be times you may see a short-lived yellow undertone.

Years after her engagement Elena, a successful fashion model, looks at her ring fondly. She noticed the light yellow undertone when she was driving, and her hands were on the wheel. It happened during bright days and from a particular angle. When she changed her position, the angle changed. The ring returns to its standard colorless sparkle. At first, she thought the ring was losing its color. Then after some time, she realized the effect was as a result of lighting and angles. When she looked at the ring from another angle, it lacked the light yellow undertone.  


Buying a Colorless Moissanite

When buying a colorless Moissanite, there are things you should know. The following are some of the tips to ensure you buy a colorless Moissanite. 



1. Buy High-Quality Moissanite from a Trusted Brand

Since moissanite jewelry was created, it has been available in the market to those who seek sparkly jewelry. These days a lot of moissanite stones are being created in the labs. So as you can expect not all of the stones turn great. It’s also different from lab to lab. This has increased the risk of buying a poor quality Moissanite. So you should be careful about where you are buying your moissanite jewelry. You should do intense research and ensure you buy from a trusted Brand.  

We have lifetime free warranty on the color of our moissanite jewelry. So you know that not only they will never change color, we also got your back as long as you don't lose or damage your jewelry.

The reason we guarantee our jewelry for free is that we only bring the greatest moissanite to our shop. So we know that they're gonna last forever. You can bring your jewelry to us every year so we even polish and service it for you with no cost.

Cheap jewelry can't have any guarantee and they don't make you feel good about what you're wearing. You should not go for cheaper moissanite jewelry. It is because they are likely to be of low-quality. Their color may change quickly and they would lose their sparkle. A lot of the time the stones are not properly placed, so they'd fall out. 

2. Buying Smaller Moissanite Stones is Safer Out There

Did you know that smaller stones are more colorless than larger stones? Thus, when going to buy a moissanite jewelry, you should consider the factor of size. If you want a ring that has more clarity, choose a smaller Moissanite stone

So what to do if you want big moissanite stones with the highest quality? Well, you're at the right place because that's exactly what our business is about. Take a look at our collections and find your favorite moissanite jewelry. Surely they've got a 60 days money back guarantee with lifetime warranty. Its color will remain the same or we exchange it  for you at our own cost.

3. Choose A Brilliant or Hearts And Arrows Round Cut Moissanite

The cut that you choose can make a difference when it comes to the Moissanite ring's clarity. Different cuts are different in how colorless they appear. If you want a cut that appears more colorless, go for a round cut.


D color moissanite engagement ring


These types of cuts channel more light back up through the table of the stone. Thus it helps it to appear more colorless. Choosing a round cut Moissanite ring is smart if you love lots of sparkles. Because it's the most sparkly moissanite shape cut.




Moissanite is the most sparkly stone on earth. The Moissanite stone is one of the hardest gemstones you can find. It is second after diamond. Thus its hardness and toughness make it resistant to scratch or break. So this hard stone can't change color overtime. The color that you see when buying your Moissanite ring will remain the same.

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