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Does Moissanite Change Color Over Time?

Unlike in the past, ring engagement has become something that you cannot avoid. It is a way to show that you are not a bachelor anymore. With a beautiful engagement ring on your intended finger, people will know that she is taken and in love. 


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A friend of mine had this perfect relationship with a great woman. They spent more than five years together. Thus they decided they want to spend the rest of their lives together. But, some changes began to happen in their relationship. The fire that was there, in the beginning, started to fade away. Their firm relationship started to loosen. This was because of some negative factors. They had to deal with the issues facing their relationship, and eventually, it was right back on track. 


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Similarly, a moissanite ring is of high quality and durable. It might not be scratched by anything, but certain things can cause its sparkle to dull. Your choice of cleaning agents, your daily activities, or storage affects your moissanite. A grime buildup on your stone will dull the sparkle. 


Does Moissanite Change Color Over Time?


The moissanite ring has some positive qualities, making it an excellent engagement ring. They are as follows: 

The Brilliance

The brilliance of a ring determines its ability to reflect white light. A ring with more brilliance will reflect more light. Diamond has excellent brilliance. But, the brilliance of moissanite is out of this world. It reflects light better than most gemstones.


Moreover, it has a higher dispersion than diamond. Thus, it makes your woman sparkle both in and out. It makes your woman look like a shining angel. Unlike diamond, moissanite contains some silicon. The silicon helps it attract less grease or dirt than diamond. Thus it complements your woman's beauty for a longer period than diamond. Moissanite sparkles more between cleanings.


The Hardness

Most people think that diamond rings are the only hard rings, but they are wrong. There is a Moissanite ring that is as hard as a diamond ring. The toughness of a Moissanite ring will symbolize firmness in your relationship. It is a symbol of the courage and strength to keep on going even in the hardest times. The hardness of this ring makes it to be durable. It is resistant to scratches, heat, and any other thing that will try to spoil it. Wearing a Moissanite ring symbolizes the toughness of your relationship. It shows that there is nothing or no one that can bring your relationship down.


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Properties of Moissanite Ring

This ring is one of the rarest rings you can find. Thus it has properties that you cannot find in other rings. The ring is not cheap to buy due to its unique properties. It is worth every penny. If you value your wife, you will have no doubt buying her this ring.


It Does Not Lose Its Color

Most of the shiny rings lose their color and start to fade. That is why most people have doubts about buying these rings. What makes Moissanite ring to be outstanding is its ability not to lose its color. Moissanite ring has different grades, each with different colors. There is the forever one, which is pure colorless. There is also forever brilliant, which is near-colorless. There is the forever classic that appears both near colorless and faint yellow.


The creations of these grades are of high-quality. Thus, they do not lose their colors permanently over time. But moissanite will undergo a temporary color change when exposed to extreme heat. With proper repair techniques, there will be no lasting damages. Your ring will return to its standard color afterward. The ring symbolizes how your relationship will be. Your relationship will not be smooth all the way. There will be a time it will face tough times and extreme heats. But like the Moissanite ring, it will never lose its original sweet taste. It will only change temporarily. You should ensure you solve things with your better half to keep your unique taste.


It Does Not Lose Its Brilliance And Fire

The brilliance refractive index determines any gemstone's sparkle. The brilliance refractive index of moissanite is the highest among all other gems. The sparkle is unlike any other ring. That is why it is the best ring to give to your life partner. It will brighten her and your relationship more and more. The good thing about its brilliance is that it will maintain it forever. 

The property of dispersion determines the amount of fire in a gemstone. Moissanite has the highest dispersion than any other gem. When subjected to light, you will see beautiful rainbow colors. That is how beautiful your bride will be. Your relationship will also be as colorful as the ring. The ring will never lose its fire.


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There are more than enough reasons to choose Moissanite ring. It does not change its color, brilliance, and fire over time should be enough to make you buy it for your loved one.


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