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White Moissanite Vs. Diamond

Women today are hard to impress. Even the best looking flowers or the best holiday destinations are not enough to impress. That is more than enough for you men to step up your game. It would be best if you thought outside the box because it is not easy.



Most men think that showing off their wealth will give them an upper hand, but it won't. You need to show a woman how precious she is, not how valuable your wealth is.

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"I wanted to make her feel special, but I was torn between the diamond and the Moissanite. Both were lovely gems and with their own uniquely impressive qualities. It was like choosing two favorite people in your life. What was I supposed to do? She would love both! In the end, I decided to go with Moissanite. Something about it just beckoned to me more than the diamond one," tells Adrian, a famous reality show star.

Like Adrian above, if you think she is the right woman for you, you can surprise her by proposing to her. Think of doing something out of the ordinary to make her feel unique. Do not be like other men and do the usual stuff and buy the typical ring for your proposal.

So you could be wondering, which best should you pick, the Moissanite or the diamond?

White Moissanite Vs. Diamond

It would be best if you only chose between two of the best. These two being, the Moissanite and the Diamond rings. If the ring is of low quality, then your woman would not be happy. Giving your woman an exquisite ring has more advantages. But you need to understand what each stone is. 

Moissanite and Diamond Comparison

  • Durability

Forever One Moissanite is the whitest Moissanite created. It scores at 9.25 on the Mohs scale, making it one of the hardest gemstones. Thus it is suitable for everyday wear rings due to its outstanding durability. It signifies how long-lasting your relationship will be. 

When we come to diamond, it is the hardest gemstone among all the other gems. It scores a 10.0 on the Mohs scale, which means it is very hard and tough. It can resist any harsh conditions. You can wear it for decades, and it won't wear or tear.

  • Brilliance

Forever one was the perfect creation in an attempt to create a colorless Moissanite. It has a different kind of brilliance than diamonds do. The fiery, rainbow flashes emitted by forever one will make your woman brighten like an angel. The smaller Moissanites are more brilliant than the larger ones. Forever One Moissanite has a refractive index from 2.65-2.69, which is higher than that of a diamond.

Diamond has a fantastic brilliance but not like forever one Moissanite. It has a different brilliance from Moissanite. It is due to the difference in their faceting pattern. The diamond reflects light through brilliance, dispersion, and scintillations, making it sparkle differently.

Cut, Carat, Color & Clarity

Better cut and more carat multiplies the value in diamonds and moissanite. If you're wondering what's the best gem for you, I'd say find out if she's into big and bold rings or small and elegant. This will give you an idea about the right carat size. Then according to your budget find out if moissanite is better vs diamond.

Then you get to color and clarity. Colorless and flawless are the best qualities for color and clarity. If you go with a moissanite, you'll probably get a good grade of color with a level of flawlessness that the tiny flaws are not visible with naked eyes. But of course, quality diamonds are hard to find in nature. The diamond vs moissanite with the same characteristics are not comparable by price. One is made by nature in years and the other by the hardworking hands of man.

You have seen that diamond is better than Moissanite in hardness only. Forever One Moissanite is better than a diamond in everything else. Thus choose forever one Moissanite over the diamond, and you will not regret it if you're getting your life together. Remember that you can always upgrade. But if your lady is the only missing part at this stage of your life, go with diamonds. That is if you want to go against the norm and have a unique engagement ring for your lady.

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