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How to Find out What Kind of Ring She Wants?

Have you been on a top-secret mission to learn your girlfriend’s likes? This is so you can make the big question moment everything she ever dreamed of! ;) Maybe you’re stuck on one of the mini-missions: how to find out what kind of ring she wants. Rest easy because as always, I’m at your service! 

Luck is on our side because there are a few proven ways of going about this quest. As a bonus, these ways leave no traces that would get you caught. Fill up your cup of coffee because this is just about to get interesting! :)

How to Find out What Kind of Ring She Wants?

What Kind of Jewelry Does She Wear?

This is our first stop in figuring out her style and what kind of ring she may love. Pay attention to what metal type or color she seems to favor! Women can be very opinionated when it comes to their jewelry color. Next, does she like her jewelry delicate and minimalistic? More like bold and ornamental? This sense of scale and style will be very helpful when selecting her masterpiece. Finally, look at her fashion and personal style with everything else around her. It can be the metal decorations on her purse, her belt buckles, or even her shoes. Does she seem to like vintage styles or something more modern? Classic or unique? If you’re unsure of these styles, you can sneak in some photos to show your jeweler. They'll be able to help you translate them into that perfect ring. 

Does She Have a Pinterest Account?

If she does, you just hit a jackpot! She will most likely have an engagement ring board but have it not viewable by the public. If that’s the case, you can enlist her best friend who will probably already be added to the board. Here, your girlfriend will have a collection of all the rings she has come across and loved! ;) By looking at them you can easily notice a pattern. Perhaps most have an oval cut center stone or nature-inspired bands. You’d then be perfectly placed to know what kind of ring she’d appreciate!

Back up, Please?

If you’re struggling to find clues about her likes yourself, ask her friends! :) Chances are your girlfriend has already talked to them about rings and what kind she is pulled to. If not, these friends can easily and naturally bring up the topic when they hang out with her the next time. If they're effective secret agents, they'll pass their findings to you successfully! ;) Whatever you do, though, make sure they can indeed keep a secret, even if it means making them take a blood oath! :D

Looking back, did she maybe drop some hints? ;)

It’s said that most men wouldn’t know a hint even if it hit them on the face! :D Is that you? Think about your past conversations with her. Has she ever said anything about her friend’s engagement ring or one she saw in a store that you were passing by? Did her eyes light up at the sight of that diamond ring on a magazine? Read her, listen to her! She might be passing off all the clues you need to figure out what thrills her! :)

How many times did you refill your coffee reading this, or did it get you too occupied you forgot about your cup? ;)

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