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Why Should I Buy a Moissanite Engagement Ring?

You may have heard the rave about moissanite rings. Maybe you think that it is a fad that will pass with time. The truth is moissanite stones are one of the best gems in the world. Their uniqueness supersedes most gemstones in the world.

Why Should I Buy a Moissanite Engagement Ring?

Still, have doubts about this exquisite stone? Then some reasons why you should consider this stone are:

The Flawless Cut

The way that a moissanite stone cut stands out is impressive. Only expert jewelers are usually able to handle such cuts with precision. Look at it closely and see how it takes your breath away. 

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The Varying Colors 

The best moissanite stone is the almost colorless one. The stones usually rank differently depending on the color. The near-colorless moissanite stone is usually very bright and brilliant. The ones which have some color consist of undertones that are grey, green, and yellow.

The colorless moissanite gems usually don’t get cloudy even after a long time of wearing them. Although they can get dirt and dust over some time hence make it look like it has some yellow color

Still, their varying colors make these stones very breath-taking beautiful. 

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The Carat

The moissanite stone is usually sold by how big or small the size is instead of how much it weighs. The weight of moissanite that you buy depends on the size that you want to have. You can go as huge or as small as possible. This will depend on what your sweetheart prefers

Clarity Like Few Others

Anytime the moissanite is being manufactured in the lab, some inclusions can occur. But, the manufactures always allow only the best of stones in the market. So you should worry about the clarity of a stone, especially if you buy it from a reputable jeweler.

Moissanite stones are of pure silicon carbide. This compound is quite rare; hence it usually takes about 2-3months of making one gemstone. The naturally occurring moissanite gemstones are extracted from meteorite craters. This makes them rare.

Below is a clarity grading scale for a moissanite stone:


This term refers to the stone when it doesn’t have any blemishes or inclusions. When one looks into it under a 10x magnification, they will not find anything. 

Internally Flawless

No blemishes or inclusions are present when examined under 10 x magnification. Could be only some minor issues. It may have some feather look-alike things that are on the stone. If the inclusions are so significant, then it is usually noticeable by the naked eye.

There is no higher grade for moissanite than the ones on Leyloon. All of the brilliant cuts are grade D, which are the most transparent moissanite gemstones. All stones are hand-selected by experts to ensure that their clients get nothing but the best.


This relates to the ability of a stone to be able to throw light. This is also known as the gemstones fire. With an excellent moissanite ring, the fire is usually very high. It is higher than the one that diamonds disperse and stands at about 2.4 times higher.


This gemstone is incredibly hard. That factor makes it resistant to scratches, cracks, and chips. That quality makes it great for everyday wear without worry

Since it can last forever without losing its beauty, you can pass it on to generations in your family. 

Ethics and Sustainability

The natural moissanite is so rare that they are ever hardly used to make jewelry. This has made the creators of moissanite opt for creating more in the lab. It doesn’t affect the environment the way mining other gemstones do. There have been narratives of people who work on the mines dying as well. Nobody wants to have such devastating effects on their conscious.


These points give you a glimpse of how choosing a moissanite gemstone is the ideal way to go. You will never regret purchasing a moissanite engagement ring. The moment you get it and gaze at its awe-inspiring beauty, you will understand that you got the right ring.

References: Joseph Schubach Jewelers

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