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Why Are Moissanite Engagement Rings so Popular?

The moissanite stones have increased their popularity as an engagement ring. Discovered in 1893 by Henri Moissan, moissanite has become a massive hit globally. This French scientist made the discovery of this stone in a crater caused by a meteorite.

Some of the reasons why lovebirds are in favor of this gemstone include:

Why Are Moissanite Engagement Rings So Popular?

Its Rarity

Natural moissanite stones exist on craters, which is not a common occurrence. That makes it a unique gemstone to find, unlike the others. Even though the majority of the moissanite that worn is lab-made, its class is still unmatched. For a woman to have a moissanite engagement ring makes them feel as special as the gem itself.

Ethical and Sustainability Practices

Most of the gemstones are usually mined from the earth, making it an environmental hazard. Getting a carat of diamond requires a ton of ground off. This makes the piece of land susceptible to soil erosion and bare. The number of trees that have to down to create a mining area is also alarming. 

Apart from environmental destruction, there is more to most gems mining. Precious gems mining has ranked under the bad side of mineworkers' rights. Men, women, and children have lost their lives in the quest for diamond mining. The ones who survive get very little wages and live in pathetic conditions.

Moissanite making doesn’t have such ethical issues associated with it. The stones are laboratory-created. The workers in these labs have great working environments. Their safety and well-being at work are always prioritized. 

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Its Characteristics

The other reason that moissanite engagement rings are so popular is their characteristics.

These include:


The brilliance in moissanite stones is unique. Most producers of moissanite ensure that the fire in the stones is unlike any other gemstone. The luster in moissanite stones is quite impressive and lasts forever.

Durability at Its Finest

Moissanite gemstones rank as the second hardest gemstones in the world. This makes it hard for them to get scratched or broken. This creates a moissanite engagement ring ideal for everyday wear if one wishes to do. They won’t have the fear that their ring will get spoiled, even if it falls. This factor makes a moissanite stone one that can withstand the test of time. 

Breathtaking Beauty

There is a massive difference between a moissanite gemstone and its counterparts. Having a ring on your finger with such a stone, whether it is colorful or colorless, makes it hard to ignore. People will always be asking to see that gorgeous ring.

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The Perfect 4c’s

A client can choose the moissanite gemstones according to their specification. It is easy to get the kind of cut that they want, the carat, the clarity, and color. 

Easy Maintenance of the Gemstone

Having an easy and straightforward cleaning procedure, these gems are very sought after. In case there is a build-up of dust and other materials on the ring and its setting, you can clean it at home by yourself. 

This requires the use of mild liquid detergents, warm water, and a cotton swab to remove the dirt. A professional clean up once in a while, but the home care will keep it shining bright.

Different Cuts

The moissanite engagement rings can come in many forms, like the diamond. One can have the princess cut, emerald cut, oval cut, and cushion cut, among many more.

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These and many other qualities make moissanite gemstones a real treasure to have. Remember that you are not limited to engagement rings alone. Still, the engagement rings remain popular because they look awesome. Your loved one can always enjoy the beauty of these stones. It is a strong symbol that will last forever like your love.

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