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How to Shop for an Engagement Ring Online

If you are shopping for an engagement ring online, you want to pop the question to your sweetheart very soon. You want to get her a ring that she will be happy to wear after she says yes. Be the careful shopper who always wants to get the best quality. Be ready to pay top dollar for it, good things come with a price. 

Past Traditions

In the past, a young man offered a ring that belonged to their great-grandmother to his beloved. It was a family heirloom and passed down generations. In most instances, it was worth a lot hence the need to keep it within the family.

But, if you have no heirloom from your ancestors, get the best engagement ring for your bride. Still, even if you have that heirloom it is vital to get your bride something special. It is okay to begin checking out brand jewelry stores for the perfect piece. 

You can learn a thing or two about getting the best for your money. There is no doubt that love has bloomed in your heart. You have your sights focused on the best engagement ring to symbolize your claim to the lucky lady’s heart.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you shop for an engagement ring online.

How to Shop for an Engagement Ring Online

Consider Current Trends 

Keeping up with the world's standards is okay, but you will still need to find something unique. You can still draw inspiration from current trends. Remember that sentimentality and tradition are still factors that influence contemporary trends. Most trendsetters have opted for different colors such as yellow, rose, or white gold. A traditional round-cut diamond set in a non-traditional white band is stunning. It has that non-traditional band, but it still maintains the brilliant round cut.


The non-traditional band is a popular choice for the wealthy engagement ring buyers. Kate Middleton's, Mariah Carey's, and many other famous rings have a non-traditional band. Such trends are a significant inspiration as you do your engagement ring shopping. Those great-grandma heirloom pieces seemed proper, something more modern and trendy is ideal. 

Understand the Four C’s but Don't Limit Yourself

The four C’s certify and value diamonds, but that isn’t enough. Relying on the four C’s only has misled many buyers. It resulted in buyers picking out a ring that is not suitable. You might end up getting a piece that lacks uniqueness. Many girlfriends say yes to a proposal but are not happy about the ring. The ring lacks uniqueness. Such a scenario should never be!

For better understanding here are the four C's and what they mean:

Carat: This indicates how much the diamond weighs, not its size. Remember that diamonds that weigh more are more valuable. 

Cut: This refers to both the number of facets and the diamond's shape. The size of the facets and their relative proportions on a diamond's surface is vital.

Clarity: This is the measure of the natural inclusions which are invisible to the naked eye. Inclusions that appear black are more noticeable than the ones that are white or bright.

Color: This is more of a personal choice for every buyer. Color is often measured from D(colorless) to Z. The less color it is, the more valuable it becomes. 

Despite the importance of C's, technological changes have brought more buyer options. Their savvy buying decisions go beyond any of the previous limiting factors. As a buyer, you can check these diamonds online and single out the piece that interests you. 

Still, there is always that extra sparkle in live diamond experience. The truth is a diamond's value is unmistakable. With that perfect engagement ring with you, you will finally understand this statement. In the end, the online indicators in the certificates show how unique the piece is. Your successful online buy led you to that moment. The moment when you experience the breath-taking beauty of a valuable engagement ring.

Will She Like It?

The diamond engagement ring you buy might be more valuable because of its clarity or color. When the ring is on your beloved's finger, it is not the certificate that your bride will notice. You will need ten times magnification to see the clarity. Magnification allows distinguishing between a mid-range clarity and that sought-after high clarity. Thus, the color will always win over clarity when you are presenting it to her. You can choose a ring with the least color but never compromise on the clarity either.

You want to get a piece unique to your loved one. The days of buying any expensive engagement ring and hoping your bride loves it are long gone. Remember, she will be wearing this ring forever. So, find out what she likes first before you set out in your quest. When you know her style, you will check out likely options. This way, you will likely get something that is closer to her taste or exactly her taste. You are spending a lot on this so it should be something she will like.

Get Creative in Your Presentation

You are making a large and expensive diamond engagement ring buy. You want it to stand out and shine bright like the diamond it is. You want it to be secret right? Make sure you choose the right time and address before ordering. You should also keep a plan in mind for the place where you wanna propose to her and who's gonna be there with you!


When you finally do your presentation and declaration of love, make it special. You have combed your favorite jewelry store for days, weeks, or months. Finally, you find that particular piece for her. This special presentation will be awesome with the perfect ring. The ring is an excellent sign of your growing love that will thrive in an upcoming union for life. Thus, take time to find the best diamond engagement ring out there.

If you bought a wrong sized ring and you don't have enough time to replace it, check out these solutions that will certainly help you! Feel free to share these by the buttons below!

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