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Top 3 Square Halo Moissanite Engagement Rings

Are you looking for a ring that is going to be as unique as your love? Something that is bigger and brighter? 👉Pro tip! Try rings with large square halos. They not only increase the beauty of the ring but also increase the brilliant shimmery look that a ring has! ✨

We have lined up the top 3 square halo moissanite rings for you today, to make it easier for you to choose your ‘the one’! You will learn a lot about the rings, making it easier to choose among thousands of the rings! Your partner’s happiness will be the icing on the cake! 🧁

What are you waiting for then!? Let’s do this!

Set - 1 First of all, Nova by Leyloon and Annabelle Moissanite Ring by Best Brilliance

Nova by Leyloon



The flat-edged basket square halo ring has 4 sets of 2 prongs holding the Square stone in place. The shanks set with stones in french pave style amplifies the flashing beauty of the ring. Also, the single square halo with a cushion style stone gives the ring a very strong yet glamorous look. 😍

“ To make her the happiest was my wish! This ring by Leyloon named Nova, really helped me in making my dreams come true!”


Annabelle Moissanite & Diamonds Ring by Best Brilliance


Made with white gold, this cushion setting ring with paved shanks has a square halo that encircles the middle stone of the ring. The square halo makes the moissanite stone look larger than its size.💎

“A ring with all the qualities that i wanted ! When I started looking for the ring, I wanted a bit more sparkle on the ring. Some ring that is sleek and speaks of Monica’s generosity. Needless to say, this best brilliance ring is really brilliant in saying it all!”


Set - 2 Secondly, Aubree by Leyloon and Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring by Charles & Colvard

Aubree by Leyloon


Aubree also has shanks with french pave style. The cathedral style gives a very simple and classy look to the ring. With the combination of class, tradition, and modernity, this ring has it all! The large square halo adds more to the dazzling details of this very beautiful ring.

“While we both were looking for the ring, I had two words in my mind: Traditional & Modern! This ring did justice to the qualities I wanted.”

- Gemma

Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring by Charles & Colvard


This ravishing beauty has a cushion cut moissanite gem, surrounded by a large halo in square shape. The paved shanks with large square halo adds to the glistening of this engagement ring. This is the shine you want to see, on your partner’s finger!

“How to tell someone that we really want to spend our life with them? The rings have been doing this trick for so long. As for me, this ring by Charles & Colvard did the trick!”


Set - 3 Third, we have Vivian By Leyloon and Forever One Moissanite Halo Ring by Raven Diamonds

Vivian By Leyloon


Set in a basket square halo, with infinity paved shanks, the stone has a very divine look to itself. The engagement ring, as a whole, has quite an exquisite charm to it. The paved infinity shanks, with the glistening large square halo, will attract all the eyes to the ring, especially your woman’s. 

“ Vivian was chosen by my husband. It was a surprise proposal. And i still think no other ring can ever be this pretty. The halo and shanks, beautifully carved, brings out all the sophisticated vibe in the ring.”

- Felicity 


2 Carat Asscher Moissanite & Trapezoid



This two carat three stone vintage moissanite engagement ring with a large square Asscher. Halo around the Asscher cut moissanite stone makes this ring look timeless and divine. The vintage vibes are a plus, adding to the delicacy of this ring. 

“I can not find enough words to describe this beautiful ring. It’s gorgeous, the shanks are sparkly, the stone is insanely beautiful and the halo has a very sophisticated look to it. I think the word I am looking for is - divine. The ring is divine!”

- Emma

💎Let’s take sides!💎

And done! Now you have a collection of carefully selected square halo moissanite engagement rings! Do your digging and select the one you like the most.🥰 Tell us in the comment section about why you chose the one you did! We love to hear from you. ☺️


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