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How to Ask Girlfriend What Type of Ring She Likes?

Many men consider asking their girlfriends what type of ring they like a taboo question. Why? It risks ruining that aha moment because their girlfriends will be tipped off. I’ll tell you here and now that this doesn’t have to be a taboo question! If you think it’d be your best shot at getting her a ring that she likes, then, by all means, shoot it! 

How do you go about it? Let’s go about it together! :) Depending on what you feel comfortable with, you can ask her directly or indirectly. Let’s take a look at each of these poisons so you’re better placed to pick yours! ;)

How to Ask Girlfriend What Type of Ring She Likes?


Are you hoping to ask her without really asking? You can take advantage of one of your mutual friends’ recent engagement. Mention something about your friend’s engagement ring and ask her what she thought about it. In most cases, she’ll not only tell you what she found amazing about it but also what she found unappealing. Bingo! ;)


Have you ever heard of the saying “Go big or go home”? This is it! Instead of beating around the bush trying to figure things out, just ask her - boom! As a bonus, it takes away all the stress and feeling nervous that you might be doing it all wrong. To make it easier for you to share ideas, you can create a common ground like a Pinterest board.  Here, you two can add styles that you like and discuss them before pulling the trigger on a ring. You’ll be glad you did, it’s so much relieving! 

The bottom line is that she’s the one who the ring is ultimately for, so she’ll know what’s best. Why not tap into her expertise on this one? After all, you’re partners, and teamwork makes the dream work! ;)

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