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Is it Common to Pick Out Your Engagement Ring?

20 years or even 10 years back, it wasn’t so common for a bride-to-be to do more than just look all chic and classy in her expensive shoes and outfits. Talk about today, yes! Now it is common to pick out your engagement ring💍

I feel it’s a new air of teaming up in every important life decision that there could be. And we all know, it all starts with that magical and iconic engagement ring! These days the old tradition has been reformed.

Now, couples are ready to take on the world and literally work things out from the very start. 💌 They’re smart and would not take chances when it comes to proposing.

Why is it better to pick out your engagement ring? 💗

So now, rather than depending on instincts, couples have started to go and pick out their engagement ring, together. If you think about it, I think it’s quite sexy and charming. I mean, isn’t it about wearing a ring that both of you like? 💕

Of course, ring picking ‘ritual’ is stressful work after all. As we know that the engagement ring is a symbol of promise, but sometimes this promise can prove itself to be quite difficult to choose according to your partner’s preference.💁‍♀️


  1. You will spend some quality time with your partner.
  2. Throwing hints won’t be necessary.
  3. It’ll be one of the first ‘big’ decisions together.
  4. Less pressure on your partner.


The only con that I think exists is that the proposal won’t be a total surprise anymore. But at least in a longer run, you will be contended from the stone you purchased together.

✨Knightess in Shining Armour - Angelica’s Choice✨

I once asked the manager of my go to café about how her fiance picked the ring for their engagement since she got engaged that week. She replied in a thick accent with a peaceful smile on her face that implied the idea We did it neatly with no loose ends! 💁

Angelica knew him a little too much and so she knew he would just be roaming from store to store! Like her poetic name, Angelica, decided to pick her own ring and make things easier for Ron. It was a big relief for him as he wanted to pick the best one for her, and he knew he would be just circling around the stores alone, probably with no luck.

Working as a quite good running cafe manager, Angelica feels like a Knightess in shining Armour for her fiance!  👫

Still the look on her face, when flaunting her engagement ring was more like an achievement. 💑

Is it common to pick out your engagement ring

She says it was the best decision they took together and worked towards a much stronger bond when it comes to making important choices!💍

She feels empowered, respected and understood, equally! 💞


So you see? It not only saves time but also rescues the groom from any pressure for you to flaunt or absolutely love the ‘ring’. There is no danger zone in there. It’s a matter of ‘oohs and aahs and OMG!

Once you’ve conjured up these, you’re in the big game! 😍

So, it’s better to be smart enough to clearly convey in what you vouch for!

Many women like you who happen to cherish the empowerment that comes with making their own choices, love to pick up their engagement rings!

So, it’s preferable to pick your engagement ring together or yourself. 💍 Rather entering such a situation where you feel you have to spend your life with this ring but it just doesn’t click or vibe with your personality. 😌



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