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Does Moissanite Discolor?

What most women wait for is the day you will propose to them. The ring is what they look forward to most. If you are wondering what ring you should get, think along uniqueness lines. Moissanite best defines uniqueness. It is one of the most precious gems you can give to your partner. It will ignite the love between you and your woman and make your relationship new. If you want your woman to treasure, you should give her a Moissanite ring when proposing. It is a thoughtful idea for an engagement ring. The best thing about it is that it does not lose color; it remains consistent for years unless mishandled.

Does Moissanite Discolor?

A couple married for ten years narrates their experience. “Before I proposed to my woman 11 years ago, I went ring shopping. I wanted to find something exceptionally beautiful. I combed jewelry stores until I came across the Moissanite. A beautiful colorless, hard, and sparkly engagement ring that wasn’t a diamond ring. Since I gave her this ring years ago, it has maintained its sparkle and color. It remained colorless. With occasional polishes by professional jewelers, it has maintained its colorless sparkle.”

Why Moissanite Doesn’t Lose Its Color

Have you ever wondered why Moissanite stones are scarce to find? Did you know that Moissanite comes from meteorite craters? These stones are very precious and hard to find naturally. The first Moissanite created was the classic Moissanite. The color of this Moissanite was not appealing to some jewelry manufacturers. This was because it was not pure colorless. It had some yellow tints. Creation of forever brilliant followed, which turned out to be near-colorless. Later forever one came about, which was the perfect Moissanite creation. Forever one Moissanite was the whitest and brightest among all the Moissanites. All these Moissanite types did not discolor due to the fabulous qualities of this stone.

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Most people mistake a Moissanite ring for a diamond ring, but it is not. The shocking thing is that a Moissanite ring is even more precious than a diamond ring. The Moissanite stone in nature is scarce to find. That is why they are unique rings. The Moissanite is hard and robust due to the silicon carbide in it. The silicon carbide has strong covalent bonds that hold the structure together. The ring will better symbolize the strong bond of your relationship. Your relationship is resistant to anything that will come your way. You always come out strong and bold in your darkest time. Does that define your relationship? If so, then this ring will be the best for your woman.

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The hardness and toughness make it keep its color for a long time. Unlike other gems, Moissanite ring does not discolor. This is mainly because it is resistant to high pressure and temperature. This is why most couples are loving the idea of a Moissanite ring for an engagement ring. They want a remarkable and sparkly ring. The good thing about these rings is that it can work with any metal color. Thus you can make colored Moissanite rings by combining it with other metal colors. You can have a Moissanite ring with the color of your choice and it will never discolor.

Apart from Moissanite rings, Moissanite stone also makes other jewelry. You can find other Moissanite jewelry to complement your engagement ring. The good thing about it is that it goes well with any attire. All these Moissanite jewelry will never discolor even after decades. Thus, your elegance will never fade away.

Having a Moissanite ring for your engagement is a great choice. Nothing beats that tremendous sparkly awesomeness in Moissanite that is so outstanding.

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