If I Don't Wear Earrings Will the Hole Close?

I remember I had the same question in my mind for a long time.

So, because I've always loved wearing earrings, never wanted to let my earrings holes close.

I'd say I didn't want to experience the needle in my ear again.

Anyways, eventually kept asking from experts, researched online until I found the ultimate answer.

Here I kind of compressed it for you girls in some simple words.

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So let' get back to our main question.

If i don't wear earrings will the hole close?

If I Don't Wear Earrings Will the Hole Close?

Here's the truth:

  1. The answer is yes.
    But again, it depends on how old your lobe piercing is.
  2. Your body sees the earring hole as an injury.
    And it will rush to heal the injury.
    Same as in other parts of the body.
    This is a natural process that occurs normally.
  3. Newly-made earring holes will start to close 24 hours after removing your earrings.
    If you wear earrings for several years, don't worry.
    The holes will stay open for a few weeks.

But, keep in mind that this depends on your body too.

Some claim that their old earring holes didn't close.

Even if they went earring-free for a longer period. 



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Now you know if you don't wear earrings, your earring holes may close.

A lot of girls don't know about this, you're going to share this to separate it, right?

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