How Long Does It Take for an Earring Hole to Close Up?

The earring holes won't close in a few hours.

But, what is the time frame in which you can go earring-free without having the holes closed?


The answer mostly depends on how old the earring hole really is.

The time is different for a few weeks and a few years.


How Long Does It Take for an Earring Hole to Close Up?

It takes 24 hrs for earring hole to close up if pierced 50 days ago or sooner.

It takes around 3 weeks to close up after 60 days from piercing date.

Note that if your ears develop skin in the hole, they may never close up.



Here's what you need to keep in mind:

  • Do you have your earring hole for no longer than six months?
    I advise you not to remove your earring for longer than one day.
    It will take somewhere between one and two days for the hole to close.


  • Do you have earring holes older than 3 years?
    This means that you are safe.
    At this time, the healing process is so slow.
    You can go earring-free for an extended period of time. 


For closing up your earholes you can wait until it naturally closes up. But if it didn't you can go with a few methods like acid treatment and surgery. 

I'm gonna attach a few videos that you may find interesting. 

In the first one Mama Sage shares her experience and the process.



The second one shows how the surgery is done with before and after results 

 I assume you're not sensitive to see a surgery.



The third one is for the stretched earlobes. Very stretched. 



If you never want to have stretched earholes again, then only wear lightweight earrings. There's so many different types of them that are even cuter than the big ones.

The big ones are impressive but they may have high costs. I'd suggest that only wear big and heavy earrings is the special occasions. Wear lighter earrings during the day.



Now you know how long does it take for an earring hole to close up.

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Mora earrings to love...😍✨💎








  • Hi Jalen, I’d say don’t touch it or expose it to any chemicals. Keep it extra clean at all times by rubbing alcohol for the first couple of weeks. It will heal as time goes by. But the healing time depends on the person and biology. So just leave it abandoned but clean.

  • I just got my ear pierced sunday and took ot out today at 11:30 p.m tonight any tips on how
    To heal it without the piercing?

  • Keon, give it a couple of months until it heals completely before piercing that spot.

  • Hi Keon, in my opinion you’re better off if you let it close then re-pierce it again. I’m saying that because the placement or shape of the hole is not gonna be like the other one. You could talk to your piercer by showing it to him/her for better advice in your case. Make sure you keep it clean consistently by rubbing alcohol to avoid infection.
  • Hey so I have a knot in my ear from when I was younger and recently had my ear re-pierced in April and it is now September but I have accidentally pulled the hole down should I let it close and get it re-pierced again? And if so how long do I let it close?


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