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Will My Earring Holes Close up Overnight?

I assume that you've pierced your recently.

Wearing earrings during your sleep might make you feel uncomfortable.

So, that's why you will want to remove them.

But, will your earring holes close up overnight?

Will My Earring Holes Close up Overnight?

Here's all you need to know:

  1. If you pierced your ears 6 weeks ago or longer then they won't close up overnight. 
    Only one night is too little time for the ear lobe to close.
    So, feel free to remove your earrings for a few hours.

  2. But, you don't want to wait for too long.
    Putting them back can be painful. 

  3. Also, be careful when dealing with newly pierced earrings(Less than 6 weeks).
    They can close pretty fast, so you are advised not to remove your earrings at all. 
    Also Keep cleaning them a couple times a day for the first few months until they get completely healed.
    This will keep you away from infection.

That's all you need about closing up your earrings overnight. 

If you have more questions, ask in the comment section.



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  • Hi Grayson, Did you pierce them 3 weeks ago you said? Wait for 6-8 weeks before you leave them out over night. :)

  • Hello so I got my ears pierced recently and I got the faster healing product that’s only for 3 weeks but after that 3 week time is over would I be ok to take them out when I’m sleeping?

    Grayson C
  • Dear Juliana, yes you can. After 4 months, you can comfortably take them off for a night or more. Just keep an eye on them and keep them clean. 😊

  • Can I leave my earrings overnight out if I got them pierced 4 months ago?

  • Hi, yes it’s possible. Human body, the method of piecing, and weight of earrings could effect on closing time. If your ears develop skin in the hole, then they either never close or might take so long.


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