Will My Earring Holes Close up Overnight?

I assume that you've pierced your recently.

Wearing earrings during your sleep might make you feel uncomfortable.

So, that's why you will want to remove them.

But, will your earring holes close up overnight?



Here's all you need to know:

  1. If you pierced your ears 6 weeks ago or longer then they won't close up overnight. 
    Only one night is too little time for the ear lobe to close.
    So, feel free to remove your earrings for a few hours.

  2. But, you don't want to wait for too long.
    Putting them back can be painful. 

  3. Also, be careful when dealing with newly pierced earrings(Less than 6 weeks).
    They can close pretty fast, so you are advised not to remove your earrings at all. 
    Also Keep cleaning them a couple times a day for the first few months until they get completely healed.
    This will keep you away from infection.



That's all you need about closing up your earrings overnight. 

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  • Hi Marie, are you sure that your ear hole was clean? Are you sure that it’s not wounded? Other than that I can’t think of anything else…

  • I’m 52, last year 1 ear closed (pierced since I was 16). I had it repierced about 4 months ago. I leave in the studs it was pierced with unless I’m switching earrings.

    Yesterday I took them out and wwnt to change earrings, nope earring wouldn’t go through that ear. I trued a regular stud earring instead of french hook, nope wouldn’t go all the way through. I had to use the piercing stud (easier to hold) and push it through were it was immediately closing on the back. I still couldn’t wear my favorite french hooks because they wouldn’t go through that side.

    Why would my ear try to close that quickly??

  • Dear Charlotte, so you decided that you want them to be closed? Let them heal naturally by themselves. Your body doesn’t need force to heal itself. It needs care. Simply keep it clean by rubbing alcohol. Don’t put earrings in the holes, DON’T play or stretch them. They’ll heal on themselves especially for you since you’ve pierced them someday in the past 8 weeks!!

  • Its been a night and yea the can close overnight at least for me do i let them heal or and repierce or jusy force them in i am 8 weeks in

  • Dear Rouqella, when you look at it closely in the mirror, the surface of your ear might be closed. There might have been a tiny hole on the surface which is natural, however you see the developed skin inside of it. It might lose it’s depth as the time goes to a point where it’s hard to notice it.

    When you grab it with your fingers, you might feel like there’s a small ball inside your earlobe. It’s also natural. It may stay or go away.


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