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Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky?

We wouldn’t call halo engagement rings tacky. Yes, we’ve seen a bit too much of them in the past decade, but there are ample design variations that have come up over time. We’ve gone from bulky triple halos, to really classy hidden halos.



Tackiness is more a result of the design and less of the style in general. Also, the tackiness is a matter of personal opinion. Something that I find tacky, my best friend might love. And it is okay. Sometimes our opinions affect on one another too. The person wearing the ring should be happy and that is all that matters.


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When it comes to engagement rings, there's a few ground rules that’ll help you be happy with your ring for a longer time. Don’t choose a halo engagement ring just because it is trendy. If you really love the style, you will love wearing it no matter what the trends say.


Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky?

Buy Something You Really Love

It doesn’t matter if the style is too trendy or completely unknown.



See How It Looks on Your Finger

If possible, wear the ring and see. If you’re buying online, you may still want to consider how the ring will look on your finger.




Involve Family or Friends in the Process

If you’re buying a ring for your fiancé, it’s always good to have her best friend or sister tag along to help you out. (Plus, if she doesn’t like the ring, you’re not the only one to blame! lol)


Once You Have Bought the Ring, Don’t Listen to Anyone

I could repeat that a hundred times. Once the ring is worn by the lady, nobody’s opinion of it matters, except her own.


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This was general advice, now let’s talk specifically of halo rings.

The reason you keep hearing this question, ‘Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky?’ is because we’ve seen just too many of them in the past few years. If google search traffic is to be believed, the search for halos reached a high in 2013 and reduced only in December 2019. Which means more than six years of the ‘halo craze’. Well, halos have been around longer, but the craze reached its peak in the 2010s.




Mark proposed to Sandra in 2014. He knew she loved sapphire, as it was her birthstone. So, he decided to get her a sapphire ring. The jeweler showed him several variations and he finally zeroed down on a cushion-cut sapphire in a halo setting.

To be sure, he got on a video call with Sandra’s sister while choosing the ring. He prepared an elaborate meal and set up a romantic dinner in his backyard. When he proposed, Sandra couldn’t help but scream with joy! She loves her ring and finds it stylish even today. When it comes to engagement rings, it’s important to pick something you love.


Classic Basket Halo 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Engagement Ring


In our opinion, halos aren’t tacky. Some halo designs might seem a bit outdated, but so can some solitaires. There are always new halo styles coming up that are lighter, and more delicate if that’s what you are looking for.

But if you want something too subtle and minimal - like a simple unadorned band, then the halo might not be for you. Because halo rings are anything but subtle. They are known for their jazz and sparkle.



Brides either love the halo engagement rings or hate them – the neutral ones are few and far between. But the admirers far outweigh the haters. For every woman who thinks halo engagement rings are tacky, there are 5 admiring them.

Also, don’t think that a high price tag prevents a tacky engagement ring. It’s really about the design and the quality of the diamond that determines a ring’s look.


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Things to Keep in Mind to Avoid a Tacky Engagement Ring

  • Make sure your diamonds aren’t mismatched.
  • Don’t make it bulky.
  • Ensure the prongs are not too big.
  • Avoid clumsy metalwork.
  • Don’t set the diamonds too high.
  • Make sure the ring fits your finger



At the end of the day halo engagement rings are so popular and sparkly. That's why the chances are that today's tacky halo engagement rings become tomorrow's trend. It's correct that simple halos are more on demand these days, but be aware that people couldn't get enough of metal work on their halo engagement rings 10-20 years ago.


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