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Do Halo Rings Look Cheap?

Halo rings look anything but cheap. Halos are gorgeous, and also one of the most popular engagement ring styles around. They have been loved by countless brides for about a century. And that’s proof that these beauties give you a bang for your buck! Halos feature a frame of smaller diamonds surrounding a larger center diamond.

But like all rings, halos could go wrong too. Taylor E., 32, chose her own ring along with her fiancé. But after wearing it for a while she realized that the ring of diamonds was a bit more yellow than the center diamond. She hadn’t noticed this in the bright lights of the jewelry store. She told her fiancé and they got the ring replaced.

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To avoid such situations and to not end up with a cheap-looking halo ring, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind.

Do Halo Rings Look Cheap?

Mismatched Halos Are a Big No

If you are going for a halo ring, this goes without saying. The diamonds have to match in color. Else your ring is likely to look tacky and cheap. Unless you're a model or public figure. Colorless diamond halos are the most popular and classy. If you are going for a colored center stone. Keep the rest of the ring white for an elegant look.

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Go with More Modern Styles

A classic unadorned band or a simple thin pave-set band can complement your halo. An expensive halo looks expensive in the first place. You may spend lots of money on a french pave halo. But there's just so many of it around that it wouldn't be impressive if you have it too. Go with something that actually looks like it's the new generation of halo rings.

Follow the Size Rules

The center stone should be the star of your halo. Don’t make the halos too big for the center stone. Also, don’t make the entire ring too big just because you can. Something that complements your fingers is what you should choose.


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